DAY 240

So today was just fucking awesome. So I woke up at 5, nervous AF for my TT up Doi Suthep. I didn't get the best nights sleep, but I woke up and just tried to stay focussed and Gee myself up for this TT ahha. Around 6:10 we headed out to do a warm up lap, so we just went up Doi for about 10-15 minutes, until my muscles were warm, and then we rolled back down, I ate my Cliff gel, and then we pretty much just turned around and got started. I can't even tell you how nervous I was, and honeslty most of the ride is a blur to me. I just remember it being so much more difficult mentally than I expected. About 1/3 of the way, my mind started to go, and I started to lose focus. I kept dropping off of Griff's wheel, and by then my breath had already started to sound like I was having an asthma attack. I just though, wtf, I can't do this for another like 25 minutes, but I just kept reminding myself to empty my mind and just try to hold the wheel. And somehow I got through it, Griff and Biggi's words of encouragement were soo helpful today, I definitely needed it, but man my stomach was just turning inside out and I felt so nauseous and sick almost the entire way up. It was just the hardest thing I've ever done physically. About 2/3 of the way in I was honestly considering just stacking it and falling off my bike. I was like: that will be a good excuse for me to stop, and I'd do anything to stop right now, lol, but it was Griff and Biggi that got me through it. They just stayed positive and I didn't want to let them down, so I pushed on. By the last hairpin turn, I was starting to see stars, and the final stretch to the end of the segment was probably the toughest minute of my life. I've never pushed myself so hard, I was crying, I had my eyes closed, and my legs were just numb. After I finished, I tried to keep soft peddling but I just couldn't so I basically just gave my bike to someone and collapsed on the ground gasping for air. I stayed there for a few minutes, then moved to sitting on the curb. I was trying to catch my breath for like a good 10 minutes after... man I was just so spent. I feel like I gave it everything today but I definitely wanna give it another crack because I ended up getting 40:26! So close to Sub 40!!!! But now I know it's within reach! So after I managed to catch my breath, and feel myself again, I started to chat with all the lovely people up at the mountain. I got to meet Sam and Vicki finally after hearing so much about them, and chatted with Robin and Arman for the first time since last year, talked about the rides we wanted to do this week with Vegard and Eva, got to see Sam and Dan again since they got back from Chantaburi yesterday, and just so many others. ALSO I forgot to mention that Nicole also got a PB!!! She got 46:55 so sub 47 which is AWESOME! By around 9:30 I was ready for food, and ready to head down. When I got home I of course uploaded my strava, then Bonny messaged me that they were in at the moment, so Griff Biggi and I ran up to say HIIII to all of them! It was so so lovely to be reuinted with her, Tim, and EMILY ( who I hadn't seen since October basically), and I got to meet Chelsea which was awesome! We just chatted for ages, and I told them all about my ride, and they told me all about their flight troubles ahah. And Bonny also brought me presents for my birthday ehe, she brought my FAV skin products (from Sukin), carob powder (since I can't have cacao and loveeeee the taste of chocolate), annddd the CUTESTTTT black little crop top, which I don't have to wear a bra in...WINN!!!! EHEHE. But they hadn't eaten all day, and had NO food, so after awhile we let them go get their errands done. They needed food, and a bunch of other shit for their place so off they went. I then went back to my room, showered, stretched, then necked a bottle of juice, and also had 5 bananas. After that I started feeling less jittery since I had some CARBSSS in me aha, so I cleaned my room, took out the trash, and my plethora of cereal boxes for recycling. Then I came back to my room, and foam rolled for about 15 minutes. And by then it was already 12, and I was HUNGRY, so I had 3 bowls of Oats with bananas and CAROB POWDER. Then I went over to Griffs to look at the footage of me that he filmed during my TT. Then I literally just spent the rest of the afternoon doing nothing. I was soooo fucked and exhausted all I could handle was really just lying in bed ahahah. But around 3, I started making some food for the potluck. We made rice, sweet potatoes, and some morning glory. Then around 4, we biked over to Erwans! When we got there, Chloe, Maddy and Kyle were already there, and the spread of food was already looking pretty amazing. By the time everyone was here it was just such a rowdy atmosphere and so much food.

There was the food we brought, spring rolls from the stall in Maya, corn, veggies, mushroom beef, baked sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkin risotto (which Drew made and it was absolutely incredible) and more. I ate 3 bowls and drowned my food in this spicy ketchup that made my life ahha. And we just had the most incredible conversations as a group, we chatted about the most random topics like creation, religion, university, travel plans, stories, and we played so many riddle games it was hilarious. We played "the magical kingdom" and Erwan was getting so riled up it was hilarious. Harry and Louise were the only ones that ended up figuring it out ahah. We stayed there for over 4 hours just all chilling together and enjoying each other's company. I got to know Harry, Louise and Robert so much better and all of them are such kind interesting people. Harry is seriously one of the most hectic runners I've ever met, and he's definitely inspiring me to want to run again, and Robert is definitely an unassuming but delightful person. He's a little more quiet, but after you get him out of his shell, he's just such an intriguing personality. Anyways, I just had the best time, and after the potluck, I had 2 epic bowls of cereal before finally just passing out. I was fully fucked and so tired after my day today.