DAY 241

So this morning we met Bonny, Tim, Emily, Chelsea, and Alex outside our building and rode up together! it was Emily and Chelsea's first time ever riding up Doi Suthep so I was super excited to ride up with them. And they both did so well! At the view point we took a little bit of a break just to admire the view and have a bit of a rest. And before getting to the last steep sectionthey were a tad nervous to tackle it but man they all killed it! I was so impressed that it was only their first ride! Then we got up to the top and I introduced them all to the smoothie stall ladies, and all the friends that were at the top! BUT OMG guess who got into town, ANDREW! I hadn't seen him since that fateful day when I messed up our flights from Adelaide to GC, so it was awesome to give him a hug and catch up with him. Then as we were just all huddled in a group chatting, I felt this person breathing on my shoulder, and I was like wtf? And as I turn around I see that it's my friend KELLY from Vancouver!!! I met Kelly like a month before I left for my travels and we just clicked instantly. I saw her at a vegan potluck in Vancouver, and after chatting heaps we just became instantly like such great friends ahah. We went on hikes together, made food together, and were just so similar. And man she didn't tell me she was in CM so it was such a delightful surprise seeing her! I also just chatted to all the peeps up at the mountain, and Vegard also tightened my brakes for me since he saw they were a little loose. Then after getting back and descending down the hill, I had some cereal while waiting for Bonny and them to get back, and when they did I went to their room so we could stretch and foam roll together. Doing it with someone makes it so much more enjoyable, and Her, Emily and I had the best conversations about friendship, the universe and just perspectives. Then I went down showered, got dressed, and we all went to Maya together to get some groceries. I bought more cereal, soy milk, some cooked sweet potatoes, morning glory, bananas, mangoes, and greens. Then I came back, ate almost an entire box of cereal with soy milk and carob powder, and spent the rest of the day editing away. And because we want an early night around 3:30 we left to head to dinner at Taste From Heaven, since they've never been before! So we all headed upstairs to the lounge area for dinner and ordered up a feast. Griff and I shared pumpkin curry, papaya salad, morning glory and heaps of rice and rice noodles.

I also ended up having most of Bonny's noodle soup since she wasn't the biggest fan, and it was all tasty AF. We all reckon the pumpkin curry there is the best in chiang mai :) I had the biggest food baby after, and we just laid down on the cushions and had a bit of a snooze/chat about life. Alex made an appearance as well, and Bonny and I were just talking to him for awhile about girls he might have his eye on here at the festival heheh, and all sorts of random shit. We also all tried on each others glasses and decided that i looked absolutely atrocious in Alex's LOL. Then Bonny, Em and I just got into this super wierd mood where we found everything funny and we were just giggling about stupid things like names, and making jokes that weren't funny at all, but I was in hysterics cuz I'd just gotten into the mood to laugh at everything and anything by then ahah. 

Then around 7, we headed back home. I had a few more bowls of cereal with soymilk, bananas and mango in Bonny and Tim's room, while chatting with Em and Bonny about stress, happiness, fear and all sorts of other fun topics :) SUCH AN EPIC WONDERFUL DAY. READY FOR ANOTHER ONE TOMORROW! GAH, I just am so grateful for life, and for all the gifts of friendship and love that I've been blessed with.