DAY 215

So we landed in Kuala Lumpur around 5 am, and fuck I've never been more dehydrated. It was an 8 hour international flight and they didn't serve free water... like WHAT? Get your shit together air asia! ahah. Anyways, after landing and going through what felt like 300000 security checks, we found a water fountain, got to our gate and just sat around trying to rest up before our flight to Chiang Mai! So our flight was delayed by about an hour, so I just edited, and tried to keep hydrated. Then on the flight, I listened to music, and tried to find a comfortable position, but fuck I swear it's impossible to be comfortable on planes unless you're first class ahah. The flight was pretty short, just under 3 hours, and after we landed, got through security, and found our bags, it was around 10. And the moment I walked outside it was like a fucking tidal wave of heat just hit me ahha. So I quickly stripped off my layers, then caught a song tao to the apartment complex that we're staying at.

I got the most basic single room but it has everything that I need. It's perfect! It's got a huge bed, fridge, freezer, balcony sink, desk, toilet and shower. All the essentials, and the location is so prime. It's right by this major mall with a grocery store and a bomb ass vegan restaurant stall. So after unpacking a tad, we headed over to get some groceries. I got this insane Mango juice and just necked that, and fuck I was on a juice high after that hah. And Griff got some fruit then went to the vegan stall and got some pumpkin curry, mushroom beef, veggie stir fry, and steamed rolls. I had some and holy flavour explosion, it was next level. In the mall we also ran into another vegan who recognized me from youtube and we chatted with him and showed him around for a bit before heading back to the apartment. Then I just basically layed in my bed and tried to rest a bit. But after about 10 minutes, I decided to be productive and unpack my bike. It took a lot longer than usual, because I was just groggy and a bit sluggish ahah, but I put some music on and just got pumped up :) Then after my bike was built and the tires were pumped up, I took a shower and washed off all the grime and grogginess from travelling, and came out of the shower smelling 30000% better and feeling like a new person! Then I unpacked most of my clothes, and wrote a list of what I needed to buy! And by then it was 2, and I was so hungry, but I had no other food, so I resorted to my emergency cliff bars ahah. I had two and that tided me over for a few more hours so I could make it to dinner. Then around 3, Griff and I went to the shops to stock up on some essentials I got some toilet paper, cleaning supplies, towel, greens, YELLOW SRIRACHA (which is amazing), and other random tid bits. Then after failing to find a sim card and adapter plug for my australian plugs, we just headed on over to Imm Aim for Dinner. Imm Aim was deffs one of my fav restaurants from last year's fruit festival for many reasons: the chill vibe, the delicious food, and the beautiful kind owner "O." When we got there he told us all about the new location he's going to open and just in general sat down and chatted with us. I ordered such a feast of green curry, rice, rice noodles, sweet potato salad, and spring rolls.

And I scarfed it all down, man it's been so long since I've had good thai food, and that hit the spot! Two of our friends also joined us and it was so lovely to catch up and see them. And right as we were leaving two more of our friends rocked up, and we all made plans to ride up the hill tomorrow together! Then as we walked by one of the tables to pay, one of the guys introduced himself, and we found out that all 4 guys at the table were also vegan and would also be riding tomorrow! There are just vegans everywhere in Chiang Mai I swear haha. Anyways, around 8, we rode home and I had about 6 medjool dates as a snack while editing. Then finally around 9, I went to BED!