DAY 242

ITS MONCHAM MONDAY TODAY! So as the name suggests, we did MONCHAM! So Moncham is basically the most epic beautiful climb in CM. The views, and lush rainforest vegetation just take my breath away. This is my second time doing it, and it was stunning as always. The guys all raced up, and went full gas up ahah, but I was still fatigued from my TT so I just went up tempo. Plus it had started spitting rain so the roads were wet and muddy, and so I took the flats and descents super slow and carefully. But man did I love the ride, it was just so fun to push myself, sweat, and ride through the refreshing rain. But I was so eager to get to the top and hear about how the guys went. Griff apparently was just so stoked for today that he couldn't get to bed ahah so I was hoping everything went well. And when I got to the top, I went up to them and asked... soooo who won??!!! ahahah, and GRIFF WON! WOOT! Alex was second, Kent was third, not sure who was fourth, but Vegard was fifth! But it was a win for Vegard because he stayed with the group basically the whole climb up!!! I was so proud of them all! Then Alex rolled up, and he'd had a bit of a fall in the rain, so I asked the lady at the counter if she had any bandaids, and she whipped out alcohol, swabs, and bandaids! The locals here are just so kind! So I cleaned up his cut, and got that all sorted, then we headed to the view point to get some photos. And man it was stunning, with the clouds drifting around like mist, and the green rice patty fields, and lush trees and AH just so magical. After kicking around for awhile, we started descending since we knew we were gonna take it SUPER slow because of the wet roads, and man there were some crazy truck drivers out. One almost knicked me as it was passing, and another almost had a head on collision because it was impatient and went around us, like jeez these drivers need to chill the fuck out and eat some carbs ahah. Anyways, we all managed to get home safe and sound, and by then I was so dirty, my bike was grotty AF, my kit was disgusting and I was SO HUNGRY. So I showered, washed my kit, ate basically a box of cereal, washed my dishes, then started stretching my fatigued muscles out. Then I had some more cereal before heading up to Bonny's room to roll and hang out. I rolled in her room and we chatted and caught up in depth while she cleaned her room, then I decided to watch her edit instead of editing myself lol, but OMG then crisis occured. So bonny's camera which was mounted on the tripod, fell and it knocked over her bottle and the water went all over her new macbook pro. I freaked out and froze up, but bonny's reaction was lightning fast. She picked up the laptop and flipped it over straight away so the water could drain out then she shouted at me to run and grab her towel, so I sprinted and grabbed it then started patting her laptop down, while googling what we should do. When I realized we should shut the computer down, we did so then placed the laptop keyboard face down on the towel to keep draining. I felt so bad for Bonny after, she was so upset with herself and just got so depressed hahah. But we were going to our friends house for dinner with about 20 other people so I hoped that would cheer her up! haha. So we left around 4, but because that's the time that school gets out, the traffic was CRAZYYY so it took us almost 40 minutes to ride over, and once we got there all I was after was water. I was sooooo parched ahaha. Then when the food was done, we all feasted, and they all said that the food was just as good as I hyped it up to be. Everyone loved the food as per usual, and I had more than I ever have before. 5 big bowls, and a few bowls of cereal for dessert when I got home ahah.

At the dinner, I talked to Robin lots about his life, and views, and I realized that he's so much more intelligent and inquisitive than I gave him credit for. Eva and I also had a nice girl chat ahah, man I love that girl. Then Griff, Biggi and I all sat down and learnt some techniques to combat the cold from Robin ahha, one of his reccomendations was to take ice baths, but I dont think I'll go that far... lol. Another thing he said which really stuck with me was: the purpose of life is, there is no purpose. That made me pause and stop to think for a sec, and I loved how simple yet profound it was. But since we didn't all have lights, we decided to head back before it got too dark, so around 7:30 we headed home. When we got to right outside our apartment, we saw this huge crowd of vegans on the road, and we realized that we knew them! The guys all recognized Jacob and went to say hello. I didn't recognize him at first, but after just staring at him for a few minutes ahah, it clicked and I realized it was because I'd only ever seen him in his cycling kit which is why it took me a second to place his face. I also got to meet Ben and chat with him for awhile. He was so kind, and said he watched my videos, which was very humbling to hear! Just an all around awesome guy, who's also friends with tons of my mutual friends from GC. Then after finally saying our goodbyes, I had some banana ice cream in griffs room, had some more cereal in my room, then went to bed ahahah.