DAY 242

Today was tuesday (aka tired tuesday lol) and what a great day it was. So I've been starting my days lately with one thought of gratitude, and today's thought was that I'm just so grateful for all the people in my life. So I rode up doi suthep easy, and along the ride we met so many new rad people! I talked to this guy from auckland heaps, and a french guy, and so many others. It was just so awesome to see so many new faces around all riding up the Doi together :) And at the top Jesse said he counted about 100 of us! like WOW that's just nuts. When we got to the top, I met the most lovely couple from Italy who said they loved my videos, and they also taught me a bit of Italian ahah. Then I went and said hi to the ladies at the smoothie stall, but only Mai was there at the moment so I hopped on behind with her and started making smoothies with her for people ahah. And I loved it, it was so fun ahah, I'm gonna do it more often if its just her and she needs another pair of hands! I learnt the word for ice today, and its: nam kang. Then the rest of the time I just floated around chatting with everyone, laughing, and meeting new people. I figured out where Estonia is today ahah from Jacob, and we joked that there are 1.4 million people in Estonia, so his Estonian youtube channel can only ever grow to 1.4 mill subs ahah. Then I was chatting with bonny, em and freelee and they were discussing doing a week of raw and I might join them for a bit ahah, we'll see how much I start craving cereal lol. Then after awhile I got chilly so we headed down. On the way back, Griff and I dropped our bikes off at Velocity so they could get cleaned, then we walked back, and on the way we ran into Shamiz and his partner!!! We met Shamiz last year at the festival and also got to hang out with him when we were in Auckland which was rad. Then I came back, had a bowl of cereal, and went up to Bonny's room to roll and stretch. We wanted to go to X-Men tonight but Emily's never seen any of them, so Bonny did an epic recap of all the movies and it was so detailed and in depth I was amazed ahah. Then we couldn't figure out what the ATMOS beside the movie meant, and after Griff and them asked about it, we figured out it stood for Atmosphere ahah, so it's like wide screen and surround sound apparently... like sick! ahah. Then after the longest rolling session, I had a litre of juice, 5 huge fat bananas, before going to the pool. I ended up spending ages there just laying by the pool, and heaps of people came and we all just chatted about how the insane amount of vegans here is causing a cereal and juice shortage at all the stores ahahha. Then around 2, I went back to my room, ate 3 bowls of muesli with bananas and cinnamon, had a client, then decided to go to Griffs to make some food to bring for dinner. So because we had to pick up our bikes at 4 we were meeting everyone else at Maya by the vegetarian food stall. So we cooked up a ridiculous amount of rice and steamed some morning glory, and when that was done we headed to Velocity. And it was so crazy how many vegan friendly things they had there. They had a table with apple bananas, and a sign that said free bananas for vegans! like how rad is that?? They also had this huge sign that read welcome vegan riders! ahah, I just loved it! So after we got our bikes, we rode over to Maya, bought loads of pumpkin curry, rice paper rolls, and other food from that stand, and ate it up with the rest of the gang before going to see the movie. There were 14 of us all together, so a pretty big group of us. And after buying tickets and choosing seats, we realized upon entering that the theatre was pretty much empty ahha so we just all sat whereever we wanted. So one of the ads before the movie was the wierdest thing I'd ever seen, it was this thai lady just going bazerk basically and we were all just cracking up laughing at it, and when we stood for the thai anthem, Emily just couldn't stop laughing for some reason, and I was trying not to laugh at her laughing ahha. And then.... the movie started and FUCK it was amazing. I won't give any spoilers, but man I laughed so hard at some scenes, and was on the edge of my seat for others. The best part was when one of the characters said: BRO. That made my day. But also there was this one scene where one of the characters interrupts this romantic movement in a comical way, and Emily legit laughed for like 3 minutes straight ahahha and her laugh was just making me crack up too LOL. And when the movie ended we stayed past the credits and caught an extra scene which hints at the next movie being a lot about wolverine which I'm soooooo keen for ahha. And after we left, Bonny and I ran to the toilet, but in our haste she went into the males one, and I blindly just followed her in, until I spotted urinholes and I was like wait....somethings not right ahah. Anyways, we made it back, I had more sweet potatoes and rice, then 2 bowls of cereal. And went to bed around 9:30. What a hilarious amazing day.