DAY 216


So I had a really fitful sleep. You know when you're just so over tired that you're just not even tired anymore? Well that was me. So I ended up going to bed just after 11, and woke up at 6, so DEFFS not enough sleep especially when trying to recover from a full night of flying/travelling. But I was meeting the crew at 7, for a morning ride up Doi Suthep so I woke up, got ready and met them on time. I actually ran into Toni Anne, Hannah, Natasha, Luca, Jesse and a few others on the road there and we had a quick hug at an intersection ahah. We met everyone at the base of the hill, and it was seriously incredible to see old friends and make new ones.  Then we all rode up the mountain at our own paces. I started out with the guys and Nicole, but about halfway into the climb I was just DYING. The watts that I was holding were NOT that high, seriously guys they were pretty low, but fuck I was just well... fucked haha. I felt like I was TT ing ahha, so I just eased off and went a lot slower. The heat, and just fatigue really got to me a lot more than I thought it would! But the ride was beautiful, and you know what, there was heaps of traffic but not one car honked at me, and not one driver fingered me. Not what I'm used to from Australia ahah. The thai driving is crazy hectic, but they're generally very courteous and patient! So when I got to the top, I skulled water, had a passionfruit juice pulpy drink, and started catching up with all the people at the top of the climb! Then after staying up there for over an hour just chatting away, I came back. Called my mom, stretched, ate dates, showered, napped, ate bananas then went to Maya mall to pick up some more odds and ends. I bought cereal, bananas, rice, greens, some brushes to clean bike chains, and an international plug point adapter. Then I came back, ate some cereal, with some cliff bar broken into it, edited some more, then finally stopped procrastinating and cleaned my bike chain and lubed it up. And by then it was almost time to go for dinner so I just finished editing my video then watched some youtube videos! I was excited to see the surprise that Toni Anne had for me ahha. Up at Doi Suthep she mentioned she had a little surprise lol. So anyways, about a year ago I started talking and connected with a beautiful girl called chloe because I was thinking about going to Hawaii and she was there at the time. Long story short, since then we've been FB friends and followed each other on social media and chatted heaps but have never met in person. AND GUESS WHAT she's been in CM for a week or two now! and when she realized I was in CM she messaged me and I invited her to come to dinner tonight with us!! But since we realized we were staying like 5 minutes from each other we decided to cycle together to Taste from Heavan! Chloe and her boyfriend Erwan met us outside Maya mall and we all rolled to the restaurant together, and it was SO SO SO amazing to finally meet her. The minute I spotted her outside maya, I ran over and gave her the biggest hug and instantly felt like we'd been friends for ages already haha. She's such a sweet cute BEAUTIFUL soul and I loved chatting with her the entire night and getting to know her. She's from Switzerland, is a triathlete, and has had such epic travel adventures which I LOVED hearing about. Erwan was also so so nice and I just loved his personality! He lived in Tahiti for two years and after hearing him talk about it... I'm definitely going sometime soon! It sounds just magical! I also talked with Toni Anne, Hannah and their boyfriends (who I met today as well, both are named Michael ahah) heaps. Andman sometime about Toni Anne just always gets me cracking up. Her nature is just so hilarious and I just love hearing her stories ahha. Then Natasha and Luca rocked up a little later and I went and sat with them for ages just discussing self love, what we've learnt from cycling, and other big topics :) I just love them both, there's just not a bad bone in their bodies, pure 100% kindness. And the surprise that Toni Anne had ended up being a song! She sang a song about Canada for me ( I've got canada in my pocket), and one about Wales for Griff hahah, and I loved it! Oh and the food at dinner was also amazing. I got a papaya salad with SIX chillies and for once it was spicy enough and I didn't have to add sriracha ahah. I also got some spring rolls with the best peanut dipping suace. 

I just ate that with heaps of white rice and was soooo satisfied. But I still came home and had cereal for dessert ahha, because just like in AUS no day is complete without ending it on cereal ehhe. The only difference is I use mango juice instead of soy milk here and it's actually amazing! Then I went to bed just after 9:30.