DAY 217

Another wonderful day :) So I got up at 6, and was feeling pretty fatigued, so I just went up Doi Suthep nice and easy, basically at recovery pace. And at the top I got to chat with so many more of the crew and get to know them and their stories a bit more! They're all crazy fit and living such free lifestyles, and it's just incredible to be around that energy. Then a few of us decided we wanted to roll up to Doi Pui, since a few of them have never done it, so we all went up together. Well a few of the guys broke off and went hard, but I just took it cruisy and chatted with Vegard and Erwan heaps. We were practicing our french with Erwan and I got to hear a lot more about Norway from Vegard. A lot of local thai cyclists came up with us as well, and I got chatting to this lovely girl called Ging ( I think that's how you spell it?). She was 35 but looked my age ahah, and was just so so lovely! I learnt a few thai words (which I've already forgotten eek) and found out she was a dentist ahha.

Then the thai's stopped off at the palace and we continued on to Doi Pui. The road up there is super narrow and there's loads of huge potholes everywhere but that's all part of the adventure and fun! eheh. When we made it to the top, we just all stood around sharing stories, chatting about bikes, and enjoying the peaceful serenity. There's like no noise up there, all you hear is the sweet sound of nature and birds singing. The air is also so much clearer and the vegetation is so lush and rainforest like. It's like being thrown into a remote jungle and I just love it. Because the road is a little shit, the descent was a tad sketchy what with all the potholes and tight corners, so I hung back with Chloe and we took it nice and easy. Then after we left the shit road, I started descending at a SAFE but faster speed and man was it fun. I dont recommend gunning it down hills AT ALL. I go at a safe speed but it's still so much fun when you get confident descending. I just felt so free and at peace feeling the wind on my hair, and just gliding down the mountain. Such a magical morning of adventure and exploration. Then I came home, ate about 3 bananas dipped in sugar, then a big bowl of cereal with mango juice. After that, Griff and I biked to the Fruit market for some well... fruit ahah. I got lady finger bananas a few kilos of MANGOES, and a big bag of passion fruit.

Then I came home, stretched, rolled, ate some mangoes, then FINALLY got out of my sweaty kit and showered ahha. By then it was around 2 pm, and I headed out again to finish off the little errands I had to do. I got a rice cooker from my friends Natasha and Luca, got a sim card for my phone, and some more groceries. After hunting around for quite awhile to find the best deal, I ended up going with dtac. Then I went to Rimping and bought some veggies for dinner tonight. Then as I was walking out I ran into Vegard, Joe and Griff eating at the food court so I sat with them for awhile and chatted before heading back home to make an early dinner of just rice, cabbage, broccoli and SAUCE. I got the yellow sriracha and this amazing pineapple chilli sauce, and I used those together and fuck it was amazing. I then finished off the day with some mango banana rice cereal for dessert. Then I just edited for a few hours before FINALLY getting an actual early night! :P