DAY 218

So I'm still not feeling great on the bike :P But definitely progressing! It's not feeling as hard in the heat, but it's definitely still affecting the power I can put down. But regardless I had an awesome morning ride. Went up Doi Suthep, then sat and chat for ages meeting new friends and hearing their stories. I met a beautiful couple who cycle toured around Asia and they told me such incredible stories about their time in myanmar that I've now added Myanmar to my destination list! Then I heard that Daniel and John were everesting the segment from the top of Doi Suthep to the palace, so I decided to do one rep with them, and it was great to chat and catch up with him since I saw him last in Adelaide. But man, when I left them, they had done 5 reps and they need to do TWENTY SIX! But I believe in them, they're fit, motivated carbed up people! Anyways, I was knackered so I came down after that, did my usual stretching thang, showered, washed my kit, and ate breakfast. So I have heaps of ripe fruit today so since I'm having a durian dinner party tonight with some of my friends I decided to have a raw day today!! EHEH just to try it out and have a little fun ahha. So I had 8 sweet creamy bananas with some cos lettuce (Joey Carbstrong style) for breaky. Then I edited and tried to find music for youtube (the biggest struggle ever), but after awhile I realized I was pretty tired so I just layed down and took a 20 minute power nap. I woke up up around 12, had the best lunch of 7 thai nam dok mai (zero clues how to spell that haha) mangoes which got super sticky and messy haha, before going swimming with my friends Chloe and Erwan. They're both triathletes and amazing swimmers, so Erwan said he'd film me swimming and help show me what I should focus on! So Erwan and Chloe met us and we all rode to the pool together, and fuck it was HOT. So when we got there I was so happy to just jump on in. But first Erwan gave me a head cap thingy, and his goggles to borrow. I was such a noob I didn't even know how to put the cap on lol, and I actually ended up ripping it a tad :( lol sorry erwan! ahah, then I jumped in, and he asked me to do one length of freestyle, and I was like: umm whats that? 

ahah, so after some explaining, I kicked off the wall and started attempting front crawl, but after like 1/3 of the 100m length I was fucked. My lungs were just exhausted and I couldn't catch my breath, so I had to stop and hold on to the lane. Then with one more break I finally finished it. After that, Erwan just started educating me on all the intricacies of swimming. Telling me about the stroke technique, breathing technique, and so much more. We focussed on relaxing my arm and leading with my elbow, as well as really pushing the water when it's under water. I also learnt about rotating my shoulders more, and timing my breathing so that it matches when I come for air. I did most of the session with a floating thing so that I could just focus on my arm technique, and honestly after like 5 lengths I was just exhausted.

So I got out, watched them swim and glide in the water, and layed by the pool soaking up some sun. By around 3, we left, and I came home, had some dates, showered, and edited a tad. Then we headed over to chloe and Erwan's place for the durian party. So after getting to their place, we went to the durian stand and bought 4 durians.

3 were mornthong, and the other one was chanee. Then we came back and pre feasted on juicy sweet mangoes. I had 3, and during that time Ted joined us and brought 3 more durians, ehhe. It was so awesome to see him and catch up! He's such a funny enthusiastic character. And once he arrived, we all gorged on durians.

I ate literally so much durian it was crazy, but once I started I just couldn't stop. It was like sweet, creamy, vanilla custard, and some even tasted like espresso mocha. The Chanee one was way creamier and thicker and sooooo fucking amazing. But my fav was definitely the mornthong. But seriously I was so full I all night I just couldn't believe it ahah. We just all had so much fun feasting and chatting about life ehe. Some of the durians had like cool little designs on them and almost formed faces. And after we finished all 7 durians, we were all just so full and content. I was in such a daze after and feeling a tad sleepy ahah, so we all just got into this zen mood. Then the guys had a ball throwing the durian out the window and trying to hit targets lol. Then Ted climbed out of the window and was walking on this roof ledge, and after awhile I joined him and Erwan out there ahah.

Then we watched some random videos on free diving, did some fun stretches, and just pissed about on our durian high ahah. Then around 8, we headed home :)