DAY 219


It's Griff's BDAY TODAY WOOT! So today I woke up sore and pooped, and my ride reflected it. My average power was under 80! ahhaha, and I think I did my slowest time up Doi Suthep ever LOL, but it was awesome and exactly what I needed. And after chatting at the top with Silvia, and some of the guys for about an hour, I headed back down to get some shit done! I did laundry, stretched, showered, ate, then had two coaching calls. Then I had some bananas as a late lunch while getting some editing done! We went for dinner at taste from heaven tonight since it's griff's fav, and it's his 24th bday!!! Erwan, Chloe, Griff and I biked over, and met Alex at the restaurant as well! Erwan, Chloe and I shared just an epic feast of pumpkin stir fry, noodle soup, sweet and sour veggies with tofu, mushroom lab, and I ate all of that with 3 serves of rice.

Then Erwan and Griff also ordered double patty veggie burgers after, and I tried some of the bean patty which was just so flavourful and moist. But it was hilarious how messy the eating process got aha. We were all chatting during dinner, and somehow we got started on playing two truths and a lie, which ended up being pretty hilarious. I learnt that Erwan means Thor in french, and other random tid bits. I also learnt a few words in Spanish (which I forget already LOL). I'm also loving just having Chloe and Erwan around so I can practice the minimal french that I still remember. By the time I leave thailand I'll know English, Chinese, Thai, Spanish AND french, ahah jokes, I


And so because we have an early ride planned tomorrow, we left around 8 and after getting home and having 2 more massive bowls of cereal, I went to BED. Oh and fun fact, it's mothers day and my birthday tomorrow. hehe.