DAY 221

So no joke, last night, there was a forest fire up at Doi Suthep! CRAZY EH? so this morning Erwan, Griff and I just went for a flat ride along canal ride to spin out the legs, then I came home, ate the last of my fruit, stretched, rolled, then had two coaching calls. And after that, I swear the day just went by so quickly. So first I finished off my cereal, then went to the store to buy more cereal and some soy milk, and after that I went to meet Chloe, Griff and Erwan to take a song tao to the fruit market. After waiting for two very late Frenchies (Erwan and Chloe ahaha) we caught a song tao and off we went to the market. Once there we ended up splitting up guys and girls to buy all our stuff. Chloe and I went to this super cheap jackfruit stand, and I got 6 packets of jackfruit for only 100baht, then I also bought sweet potatoes, mixed veggies, a metal bowl, and some cut up veggies from the cutest thai lady named "Gao" who was just so smiley it made me giggle. After that we met back up with the guys and I finished off my huge food haul by buying lots of nam dok mai (zero clues how to spell that haah) mangoes and some bananas. By then I was sweaty AF, and my arms were falling off from carrying all that food around ahah. So after Erwan finished getting his crate of mangoes, we stood in the sun for about 10 minutes before finally catching another song tao back. By then it was 3:30, so I quickly showered, said hi to Biggie on the phone, then knuckled down to EDIT while eating a huge bowl of weetbix with bananas. I am seriously still SO behind on editing ahah, but it's all good, I'm chipping away at it slowly but surely. Then I made a simple dinner of some rice and steamed veggies, which I ate with sweet chilli and sriracha while SKYPING lily!

It was fucking amazing to catch up with her, and I honestly don't know how I found such a truly spectacular friend. She is a gem, and a treasure and I miss and love her more than she knows. And after dinner I ate two packets of jackfruit, and had 3 mangoes with bananas, passion fruit, rice, 5 weetbix, sugar, soy milk, and some peanut butter. Yup, it was a tasty as fuck dessert.

Then I just spent the rest of the night editing, watching Bonny's video, messaging some friends from home, then going to bed around 10!