DAY 243

Today was the first day of the RT4 Bike fest! WOOT WOOT! so we met outside our building at 6:20 and guess what Bonny was only 2 mins late!! aahah, and when we got to the base of the mountain there was a hugeeeee crew of vegan riders. I saw so many familiar faces and friends from last year and it was just so lovely to be around such an incredible vibe! Then I just ultra cruised up with Bonny, em, chels, khadi, shannon and some others that joined us for stages of the ride. We rode with Lindy and Dennis as well for awhile and it was rad to see them again! So while we were ultra cruising, some of the guys had been doing a TT up the climb, and halfway up we took a break and right then the guys all came whizzing by. I saw Sam, Alex, Griff and Tim fly by! And at the last hairpin, Tim had come down to find us, and we heard all about it! He got a MASSIVE PR from his last years time! It was like 34 something which is crazy rad!!! When we got to the top, it was super misty and really quite chilly ahha, and also we found out that the power had been cut so none of the stalls could make smoothies, so I just got some cut up mangoes in a cup instead. Then we went through this little stairway to the spot where Freelee and Harley were holding the Q&A. It was super cool, it's like a forum sort of park thing, and I'd never seen it before until then ahah. Then around 8 the Q&A kicked off, after awhile of sitting and listening, I went to get more water, then just ran into old friends, new friends, and started chatting away at the back. Then I walked over to Bonny and Tim and we had a 3 way hug and just tried to keep warm together.

And right before the Q&A ended, we grabbed our bikes and tried to beat the rush down the mountain. There I ran into the SWEETEST girl Angelique, who said I was the reason she came to CM which made my day ahha. Then we headed down, I had oats, rolled with Bonny, then I ran into Griff who said Anton was here so we went and said hello!!!! It was awesome to see him again eheh but he was soooo fucked so Griff took him to get food and get sorted haah. I then just spent the day editing furiously and eating cereal. Then around 3:30 we left for an early dinner at Imm Aim. And on the short ride over there... we almost got a tad lost which is when we realized that we always rely on Griff to navigate and as soon as he's not there we're just like clueless lol. Em, Bonny and I ordered soooo much to share.

It was all incredible, and I legit had the biggest food baby after. I also got to meet Izzy and her boyfriend Jackson tonight which was super cool! I actually ended up talking to Jackson for ages, and I loved just hearing about his story and journey to where he is now! I also feel bad because I recommended the massaman curry to Freelee and her mom but they found it too spicy eeek, sometimes I forget my spice tolerance is abnormal haha. Then just before 7 we left to go get a massage, but there was a huge fiasco with the bike locks, and eventually we sorted it all out, but it took awhile ahha. But we made it in the end, and it was all worth it cuz I had the best massage ever. Emily and I pulled the curtain back, and we just spent the hour having the best conversations, like I legit love that girl ahah. It was hilarious cuz I kept asking my massage lady to go harder, but mine just couldn't so I had to switch ladies with Emily ahha, but after the switch, man it was perfect. She actually went hard enough and I just LOVED it. She also walked on my hamstrangs at the end and it felt incredible. Then I had some cereal in griffs room, before heading to bed!