DAY 252

TODAY WAS HILARIOUS, HECTIC, WET, MUDDY, AND SUCH A LOL AHAH. So I woke up at 4 since we were meeting at 5 to go on our ride today. I had a few bowls of corn flakes, pumped up my tires, drank some water, packed some food for the ride, got dressed, and hit the road. We met outside Maya mall, and once the crew arrived, we hit the road. So it was Cleo, Griff, Biggi, Jakob, Nicole, Anthony, Erwan and Alex that came on the ride. We were going to do a 160 km loop, but there were some roads that we weren't sure about and seemed like they might be a bit sketch, so we decided on this 100 km loop that goes up part of Moncham, then cuts through these roads that none of us have ever been on, and brings us back out onto the tail end of Sameong loop. And holy moly it was just stunning, especially after we left Moncham those new roads brought us onto this road that was basically snaking around this mountain, so all the views were just open to us, and to the left of us were just mountains and mountains all around us. But man there were a few steep little kickers on that road. As well, it was on and off rain bascially the entire ride until we started climbing up the Sameong segment, and on that climb it was like the first time I was actually hot and sweating ahha. We stopped a few times to wait for the group to catch up, buy water, dried bananas, juice etc... But by the time we got to the top of Sameong and were about 20-30 kms from home, it just started pouring down rain on us. Because of that we took the descents super slow and cautiously, and after about 5 kms, we got to a 7/11 where we all stopped for food and to get a break from the rain. From that stop on, it was just such heavy rain it was insane, but because it's Thailand you're not really cold, so it was honestly so fun to just be entirely soaked, have water dripping down everywhere, and to just be riding through it. I felt so intense aah, the only thing was the water, and the dirt that was being flicked up from the wheels of the riders ahead of me kept getting into my eyes, but besides that, the rest of the ride home was all fine and dandy.

After we got back, before we did anything, we took the hose outside our building and washed our bikes since they were now muddy and dirty AF, and while we were at it, we also cleaned the chain and cassette. Then I cleaned MYSELF ahah, I was disgusting too, dirt everywhere.

I took a long shower, washed off all the grime on me and my kit. Ate a pretty disgusting amount of oatmeal with sugar and soy milk (kind of turned off oats now, I ate them so fast).Then went upstairs to Bonny and Em's room to roll and CATCH UP WITH THEM! It was 1pm and I hadn't seen them all day lol (we have issues, I actually miss them after not seeing them for like a few hours ahah). And we actually had a lot to catch up on, it's been an eventful few hours ahaha. Then I just stayed in their room and edited while they went to Maya mall. And around 4, we went to Imm Aim for dinner, for Alex's going away dinner :( It's his last night here, and I can't believe he's leaving us already! But he has to go back to Munich and finish his exams which is fair enough! But tbh I'm just not a fan of the black rice at Imm Aim so I made some of my own white rice to bring in a tupperware. But I realized that I was out of cash, so Griff and I went to Tops and got money out from the ATM machine, but we went to the Tops atm so that at the same time we could suss out the cereal situation there because it's pretty dire at Rimping. I found weetbix and this other kamut cereal so I got both of those, then around 4:30 we headed to Imm Aim. And oh my lord, I've never seen it so packed. By the end of the night literally every table was packed. It was just HECTIC! So at our table, it was Alex, Emma, Melissa, Hannah, Bonny, Em, Griff, Tim, Alex, Joey, Simone, Biggi, Chelsea, and Ben. Bonny and I ended up sharing massuman curry, and a sweet potato salad which I ate with my white rice. And we just stayed there chatting for hours and hours. We also went and looked through old photos on FB of ourselves, and OMG I was dying laughing. As Bonny put it, I used to look so "asian" ahah, and my photos from back when I had braces were just not okay hahaah. But Bonny with blonde hair was pretty horrible as well ahah, I also saw photos of Em from back when she was restricting and super skinny and man she looked so different. It's pretty crazy how much we've all changed. Then after dinner, we went to the market outside Maya and I had a YOLO moment and bought a new shirt and dress... eek. I just loved them both so much, and they're both so perfect for this climate. Then I came home, and ate 2 bowls cereal for dessert...duh.