DAY 253

So today was the ultimate sloth day. So I woke up around 7:30 to the pitter patter of rain, which derailed our plans to go to the market. But it was honestly just like the best lazy day. I just woke up, had 2 bowls of weetbix then a bowl of cereal. And about 30 minutes later I drank some juice, went up to Bonny's room to roll and just hangout. Then I went back down, edited a video, called my mom, and then got the BEST NEWS EVER! The rice cereal that we've all been obsessed with since coming to CM has been sold out for weeks. And it's just honestly been just not okay, I've been relying on just oats and weetbix, and I've missed my cereal so much! BUT Bonny and Em went to Rimping, and they fucking FOUND IT. Apparently they asked the people if there was more out back, and they brought out 2 more boxes!!! SO they bought all the cereal they could until they ran out of money, they bought 3 boxes for me (they're the best friends ever), 1 for Griff, and heaps for them and Tim.

Then they came back to drop the cereal off since they bought so much lol, then us 4 plus Chelsea caught a song tao (it was raining dont judge us) to Tops, and they got some bread, and we all loaded up on the amazing steamed corn, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin that they sell there. I also got ice berg, soy milk, mango juice, mangoes, and jackfruit. Then on the way back in the song tao, there was a Chinese couple that were eating these strange white seed things, so I asked them in Mandarin what they were eating, and they said it was lotus flower seeds! It looked really intriguing and now I really want to find them to try, ahha. Then when we got back, I saw on Lex's snap story that he got vegan marshmallows and wanted to make rice krispies, so I snapped him back and said that WE DO! And just like that, in an hour, he came over and we made rice krispies!!!!! ahaha. How cool is social media? So he came over around 3, and brought over the MOST amazing vegan marshmallows that he brought over from LA. They legit tasted like white chocolate it was insane, plus they were oil free, and made from tapioca starch primarily instead of high glucose syrup. He also brought rice krispies and wax paper to make the krispy treats. And legit, it was the easiest thing to make. All we had to do was microwave the marshmallows until they all melted and puffed up, then right when it did, we raced the bowl out of the microwave and added in the rice krispies while Emily stirred with a spoon. And after we got to the right consistency, we used the wax paper to smoosh them down into a compact rectangle, and then popped them in the fridge to harden. Then we just sat and chatted to Lex for ages. He's seriously the coolest guy, and just knows so much about EVERYTHING. Then when they were ready, we took them out and started cutting them, and just as we were cutting them, guess who walks in: Griff ahah. He just has impeccable timing.

So all of us dug into the rice krispies and they were AMAZINGGGG! The texture was so crunchy, and they were so sweet and sticky and amazing and just AH. I hadn't actually ever had vegan rice krispies I dont think, and they just made my day. Then we had some amazing conversations about plans for youtube videos, life, travel, work, and what not. I just love having conversations that inspire and stimulate me to think in ways I haven't before, or that expand my perspective and knowledge, and that's exactly what that was. By then it was around 4:30, so the guys left to go fly the drone, and were having a chill dinner in while watching movies so I put on the rice, and we just had the simplest most satisfying delicious dinner of rice, steamed corn, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, with lettuce, guac, and tons of sweet chilli sauce. It just still baffles me how people overcomplicate eating vegan, when honestly it's as simple as some carbs, a few green things, and some tasty AF sauce. Emily just seemed like she was having an emotional reaction to how tasty dinner was, it was hilarious. The sound effects she was making, and her facial expressions... gah I just can't explain it, but I was in stitches laughing at her. So I had multiple plates and ate it all with sriracha, sweet chilli, and some italian herbs while watching...BURLESQUE.

I've never seen that movie, or like any other movies that Bonny and Em keep bringing up, and I just loved it. All the music, singing, dancing, and people in the movie were just spot on. It made me miss dancing and performing on stage. Then right after we finished that, we started watching Easy A as, since both Bonny and I havent seen it before. We only got about half an hour into it, but I already love it, the parents are probably my fav. characters. Their just so wierd and random (like me) ahah. Around then, Harley replied to our messages asking if he was home, so we went up to his room to just have a bro chat with him, and it was honestly just such a great way to end the day. We had such an inspiring, uplifting, genuine conversation, and I was just laughing my ass off for so much of it. We made the extremely exciting discovery that Emily's middle name is Katherine so her full name could be spelt as: Emily K. Hunt, aka Emily khunt... LOLLLLL When we got there, Harley was also eating this rice dessert dish that Joey had made for him, and he had poured Sprite into it, which we though was just random as hell, but also intriguing, so we decided we'd try it asap ahah. Then after chatting for probably an hour, I headed back to write my blog and have some CEREAL! I had my usual 4 bowls with bananas, mangoes, cinnamon, sugar and soy milk then went to bed just before 11. Twas a rainy saturday spent in good company with good vibes and good food.