DAY 254

So I woke up this morning from the worst sleep. I slept maybe maximum like 3 hours ahah, and it was just one of those nights of restlessness. But regardless, I woke up, downed some juice, and met the gals for an easy cruise up Doi suthep. I was practicing just getting more used to riding out of the saddle on the ride, and I remember on the first day of riding here, Em wasn't able to get out, but now shes getting better and better and making so much progress it's so awesome to see. We all sort of just felt average, going up the mountain, but after getting to the top, and just having some water, being surrounded by some infectious high vibe energy I instantly felt better. I was chatting with Vegard heaps about his toy idea for youtube vids ahah by the Q&A, and loved hearing Harley talk about how his mom is finally on youtube and VEGAN, and is getting into all the vegan youtubers and in and amongst all the drama in the community haha. Joey also came over and sat with us, and we got really hyped up about maybe Everesting near the end of the month together. And Bonny got super stoked too, and was saying she'd rent a motor bike and just ride up beside us and film and maybe pass us food and stuff ahah. Then as I left the Q&A I bumped into Dean and heard his life news, since I met him last year, he's gotten married and is now expecting a baby girl!!!! How amazing, I was so happy for him, and gave him a huge congratulatory hug! Also ran into Alex and Joe, both of whom I haven't seen in a few days and it made me happy just to see their smiles and give them a hug. But man after getting back and having a few bowls of oats, I just crashed. I was so tired. I spent some time on the roof listening to Jason and Sam play guitar and singing with them, which was so peaceful and wonderful. And more and more people kept joining and showing up. But after that I just was pooped. So I just ate some lunch, and watched some videos while trying to just rest up. Then because its Lex's last night here in CM we went out for dinner with him at Aum.

There was a huge group of us that just sat upstairs on the lounge chair tables. Bonny was trying to make these funny faces, and her trying to move her ears was just the funniest thing I'd ever seen lol. I had a papaya salad, rice, sweet potatoes, corn, and also finished off Bonny's leftover glass noodle soup.

Joey ordered up a storm of all these whole foods, and he was just an eating machine. He legit ate like a mountain of food, and it was all gone in a flash, I was legit so impressed ahah. During dinner we were just chatting about times up Doi Suthep, and got really caught up in the QOM times up Doi Suthep. I think we got Freelee all jazzed up about it, and now she's all fired up and ready to go grab back her crown. I was gonna go for an effort tmrw, but seeing as I was basically passing out from fatigue, I thought better of it ahah. After dinner, Griff flew the drone over the night markets, Bonny and I had a little couple dance session, and then we all went and explored the night markets.

I found a little bum bag that I bought, but besides that it was pretty uneventful. But on the way back, we all got so lost and seperated, and it was pretty hectic trying to find each other again. But after a painfully long time of waiting, we finally all reunited at our bikes. From there, we wrestled our bikes out from the tangled up mess they were stacked in, then rode home. I was just fucked riding home, I felt like I was falling asleep on the bike ahah. Even just the simple task of filling up my bottles seemed so daunting haha, thank god Griff was there to help me out with it, and he stayed up with me until I finished writing my blog which helped me from going insane haaha. And now after quite a few bowls of cereal I am ready for BED!