DAY 255

I woke up at 10 today... ahahha. I was just so exhausted, so I just passed out until then. Then just spent the rest of the day resting and just catching up on editing, groceries, and eating ahah. I also watched Harley's video titled "am I perfect" and I truly thought it was one of his best most genuine videos that actually showed his personality, and true character. He honestly is one of the most (if not the most) generous, kind, down to earth people, but his online persona can sometimes lead people astray when they make judgements on his character. So I was just so proud and so happy about that video, hopefully it helps to ease some of this recent drama that's been occuring in the vegan community. BUTTTTTT GUESS WHOS IN TOWN?!?! Johnny and Michelle, two of my favorite people on this planet. They are just the most beautiful, kind, incredible people and I've missed them so much. The last time I saw them was in Adelaide, so it's been ages since we last hung out. They've actually been in CM for a few days but Johnny hasn't been feeling well, so they havent really gone out much, but he's feeling heaps better today so we MET FOR DINNERRRR!!!!! We went to Taste From Heaven, because it's also my lovely friend's Elisha and Drew's last night in CM, I'm so sad to see them go. Lex left today as well, and it's so unfortunate because I feel like I was just starting to get to know him and realize how fucking rad he is haah, but it's all good cuz I'll see him soon in LA!!! EEEP 

So right as we all met to leave for dinner, it started raining, and we honestly stood outside for about 15 minutes humming and huhing about whether to ride or not. I had the song "should i stay or should i go" playing in my head the entire time haah. But eventually we made the decision to ride through the rain, and legit right as we arrived, the rain which was already pissing down just down poured. So we left just in time to miss the worst of the rain. And by then we were nice and cosy indoors with our friends. And by the time we left it had dried up, love it when mother nature cooperates (for a change haha). So for dinner I basically just had aSHIT ton of rice, greens and apapaya salad. I also filched lots of chillies from everyone at my table who didn't want theirs haah. Having dinner with the crew was so much fun and man it was just the best night. We just talked, laughed, hugged and shared stories the entire night.

I got to catch up with Johnnie and Michelle, Tonnianne and Mike, and Elisha and Drew. I also found out that Aarons bike got stolen, which explains why I havent seen him around. I also met Adrian and got to chat with him long enough for him to realize how shitty my French is haah. Then around 7, we hit the road for home, I had 3 more bowls of cereal, then had an early night around 10.