DAY 256

So I did a TT up Doi Suthep today, and man was I nervous. My goal since the very beginning in coming to the festival was wanting to get a sub 40 up Suthep. My first TT went well but I only managed 40:26, so I was so determined to finally sneak into the sub 40s today. So I woke up around 5:30, had Harley switch my tires to ones that he said would roll better. Peed like 20 times I was so nervous. Left at 6:15 to do a warm up, then met up with the group at 6:45 at the base of the mountain. So there was a huge group that started out with us from the start, but one by one most of them dropped off. But right from the start I didn't even take notice, all I was focussed on was the task at hand and staying on Griffs wheel. Last TT I kept dropping off his wheel, but this time around I held it pretty much till the end. For most of the ride there was an amazing group of guys riding with me and just supporting me. So it was Griff, Anthony, Harley, Vegard, and a few others, but those were the main guys that stuck with me till the end and offered all their energy and encouragement. I 100% could not have done the time I did without them. About halfway through the ride Harley also started playing some dance like club music from the speakers on his bike which definitely helped just shift my focus from the immense pain I was in. So about 10 minutes in I was just dying. I kept my breathing calm and focus strong, but inside I felt sick from that point on. After the ride I realized that a few other people joined midway, then popped offf, but during the TT I was just so focussed I didn't notice or hear anyone else besides the people that mattered. Griff just did a masterful job with the pacing too, he kept the wattage just so consistent and smooth, it was incredible. In the middle of the TT Harley made a comment that almost made me laugh out loud even though I was gasping for air to just breathe. He said: "it feels like Im riding on peanut butter this pace is so smooth. " LOL. By the last quarter I was in major struggle town. Like fuck I was just FUCKED ahah. But the guys comments of encouragement helped so much. Anthony was just saying: stay positive. Griff was saying: just keep spinning, you got this, stay on my wheel, and I remember one thing he said that really helped was: if you could hold on for this long you can hold it till the end. Harley just kept saying: head up, relax, mouth open, and breathe. And vegard was just all in all motivating and encouraging.

They stayed with me until the end, and right up until the end, i kept everything together: in the sense that my legs were still spinning away, and my breathing was pretty manic but it was still functional.  But as soon as i finished i just let it all out. I was like just gasping and moaning with pain, I started crying, I pretty much fell off my bike andI was just sitting on the tarmac because my legs just gave out. And I had snot everywhere, and I almost threw up. But I had just planted my ass in the middle of the road, so some thai guy came over and basically half carried half supported me to the curb where I just sat for ages catching my breath. My time was 39:19 so I GOT SUB 40!!!!! I'm just so happy i accomplished the goal of what i wanted to do in CM. in the moment i think i gave everything, but man I know I can go faster, i just need to be able to take even more pain, and keep my head up when I get tired ahah. After I sat on the curb for awhile and recovered enough to roll up and spin the legs out, Vegard, Griff, Harley, Anthony and I went a bit farther up just so I could spin my legs out, so that they're not just fully fucked tomorrow. While we spun out the legs, we were just chatting about the importance of rest, and how I've learnt so much from just riding and training with all of them. Then we came down, and went to the Q&A! I also talked to David while I was getting water and he told me about this vegan restaurant that I'd never heard of so I'm super keen to try it out now! Then I came down the mountain, uploaded my strava stat, had cereal, then went up to Bonny's room to roll and suss out some of the latest controversy and drama that's been going on in our vegan community. And honestly for the next 3 hours it absorbed us. We went through so many emotions of frustration, confusion, anger, shock, and then by the end of it we just almost found it comical. Man I thought this year would be drama free, but that just wasn't the case. But anyways, around 3, we realized that it was almost time for our dinner, so I raced down had some weetbix, then went to Maya to pick up some greens, while the gals went to the vegetarian stall to pick up some dishes, and the guys went to Tops to pick up some steamed carbs. Then I went home and put some rice on in the rice cooker, and waited for everyone else to return :) When the gals got back, we went and filled up more water, and right at the moment Johnnie and Michelle arrived! They had brought durian and some leftovers from the restaurant they went to for lunch. And funny enough that was the exact same place that David told me to go to! Griff came back as well with heaps of steamed carbs and massuman curry from Imm Aim. Then we just waited for Joey, Biggi, Chelsea, and Tim to get back! And when they all got back we just feasted. I had 4 plates and drowned everything in this miso tahini dressing/sweetchilli sauce/massuman curry broth/ the sauce from the rice paper rolls.

And mate, it was fucking tasty AF. I just love everyone in that room so flipping much and it was just the best way to spend the day surrounded by all my beautiful mates. Joey also bought me a present of this amazing sultana bran cereal, because he said he thought of me when he saw it. HOW CUTE IS THAT!? gah i actually love him, and all of them. I also had some of the durian that Johnny and Michelle brought and it was some of the best durian I've ever tasted. One of the funniest parts from tonight, was when Johnny and Michelle were leaving, and somehow Griff and Michelle got into this wrestling match on the couch and it ended with Michelle just on top of Griff pinning him down with her knees and it just cracked us all up ahah. And soon after they left, we all packed up and left as well. They guys are doing an effort up Doi tomorrow so they wanted an early night, and I barely slept last night cuz I was nervous for my TT today so I wanted an early night as well :) And after my usual 3 bowls of dessert cereal, I was off to bed before 10!