DAY 257

So this morning the guys were planning on doing an effort up Doi Suthep, and I wanted to be at the top to hear all about it first hand, so I rode up pretty early around 6:20 and just cruised up. I met a lovely gal called Meg while riding, and we rode up together. But halfway up it started pissing, so we just hid out under a tree till it stopped. Then after another few minutes of riding, I saw Sam race by me, then a little while after a huge train of guys zoomed by. After I got to the top I heard Sam did like a 29 and the guys did somewhere in the 30's. CRAZY FAST! I also saw Johnny getting paced by Josh, and I shouted heaps of encouragement at everyone I knew who rode past. After awhile Griff and anthony joined us. The two of them and a few others sort of just decided after 10 minutes that today wasn't the day for their effort, so they just cruised and caught up with us. But just around then Luca rode past, and Griff and Anthony just jumped on and decided to pace him up the last stretch, and he actually ended up getting a PB as well! He got 40:12, so sub 40 is now just within reach! Joey and Johnny also both got PB's. Fuck it was just a day of everyone getting PB's and the atmosphere at the top was incredible! I also saw ALEXX at the top! I hadn't seen him since Adelaide, and he just arrived so it was great to see him again. Manolo and Fab are also finally back in town, and I'm so excited to chat more with them, they're such a lovely pair of human beings and are both so fit and inspiring. And as I was riding down I saw SHANNON! I missed that gal so much and was so shocked to see her, I like made her stop in the middle of her riding up Doi Suthep just so she could talk to me and give me a hug ahah. Then I took the rest of the descent super slow since the roads were still wet from the rain. And as I was riding down I said hi and saw so many of my friends riding up, and it made me want to go back to the top to talk to everyone ahha, but I needed to get back because Bon and Em were waiting for us to go to the organic fruit markets. So after getting back, I just quickly ate some weetbix, then we rode to the markets which are right around the corner from us. I got a few kilos of chok anan mangoes, the most amazing jackfruit, and these incredible smelling jasmine flower necklaces! Then after demolishing a bag of roasted soy beans that Biggi bought, we rode home. But on the way we stopped at the 7/11 to buy some weird and yummy vegan foods for our 7/11 taste test video that I've wanted to film for AGES. And because we were on the topic of 7/11 we started talking about numbers, and if they use the same form of numbers that we use in all countries when they do maths and stuff. It was a pretty deep and confusing conversation not gonna lie haah. Then we hurried home, I showered, ate some mangoes, and had a coaching call with a client. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon editing a special video I've been working on, and later filming a video with Bon, Em and Chels! And around 4, we headed to Imm Aim for dinner, and honestly we went so early but it was already packed. But at the restaurant I found my 3 friends from Vancouver Ali, Marcus and Jen. I first met them at a potluck in Vancouver and since them we've been FB friends and chatting online for ages. She's truly one of the wisest most incredible people I've ever encountered, and it was so lovely to catch up with her. And for dinner I had my dinner of: green mango salad, massuman curry, rice, and the best tamarind chilli sauce. Then I also finished Emma's pad thai, and sweet potato salad. And was still hungry so I finished off Bon and Em's dinner's as well. And after I was way too full to move ahah, but it was all delicious and I was a happy gal. BUT OH MAN, I found out at dinner that Griff and Biggi had bailed on our plans to pace Em and Bon tomorrow up Doi Suthep. Us 3 were gonna pace them for a sub hour effort, but they decided today to bail and go for their own effort tomorrow since their attempted effort didn't go as planned today. What little SHITS :( We guilt tripped them hard, and they did feel bad, but it ended up being all good, cuz we got Harley to pace them instead! Then when we were all finished, Bonny took a little detour to visit a friend and we all headed home. I got home and was so full from dinner I couldn't even have cereal for dessert. Instead I just wrote my blog, had a gal chat with Emma which was LOVELY, and edited my special vid for a bit longer. Then I went up to Bonny's room late at night when she got back and just chatted with them while eating a few bowls of cereal (stress eating lol) before going to bed around 11.