DAY 258

So Bon and Em got a late night as well, and didn't sleep very well, so we postponed the TT for next week. I ended up going up with nicole, then rode with emma the rest of way up. We talked about our travel plans, and had an amazing talk right at the end about just accepting the process, and learning to be comfortable with our bodies and accepting them for where they're at. A few minutes after I got to the top the guys finished their effort up, and I raced over to find out how they did. So apparently in the last km, Tim fell off his bike into a ditch, but the guys helped him back up, pushed him for a bit, and he still ended up getting a killer PB of 33 something! WOOT! And after Bonny and Em got up, they told me that they did an unintended PB!!! haaha, how awesome is that? they got a SUB HOUR!!! I'm so proud of them, especially because they did it on their own! What legends! Then I was just floating around chatting with people, and I had a conversation with David about what he wants to do, and he was saying he'd love to just do Youtube in the future. And I said I'd try to help in any way I can, and that maybe we could film a video together. And I was wondering what we could talk about when he just casually brought up his Eating Disorder. Now I had no idea about anything related to that, I would have never guessed that he came from that past, so we ended up doing an interview right then and there where I asked him all about his ED and it was just incredible. He had some amazing insights about ED's, and it was great to hear a guys perspective. One thing I loved was, I was trying to unfold his origin story and understand where his ED stemmed from, and he said: I think it's not so much about trying to figure out where or why I got an ED, but more about focussing your energy towards loving yourself and healing your relationship with yourself and food. And I'd never really thought about that for some reason, and he's so right. We can get so caught up in trying to unravel that past, that we forget that what's more important is the present and also future. He was just so open and I so appreciated him sharing his story with me. He's such an inspiring real dude. Anyways, after that I sat at the Q & A for a bit, but got cold pretty quickly so we all headed down. Then I had a few bowls of weetbix, rolled in Bonny's room and chatted with them, came down and had like an hour long chat with my lovely friend Casey. She just had a few questions about recovery and had some awesome stories to tell. I actually made a video about one of the hilarious stories she told me about. 

In essence she told me a story about a bird, who's wings froze, got shit on by a cow, and then eaten by a bird ahaha, but there's a beautiful moral behind the story, and so I decided to make a video about it on my channel :P

Then I had a few bowls of cereal before heading to Maya with Bon and Em. I bought some morning glory, then we sat and chatted for ages. We talked about the most random shit but the funniest part was when we got on the topic of wisdom teeth and I was trying to figure out if mine had grown in or not. And so Bonny counted my teeth and she said she counted 15... and I was like HUH? how the fuck do I have an odd number? lol but she had just counted wrong and i had 16 so apparently my wisdom teeth have come in? I just had no idea... hahaah. Then we chatted with Harley about cycling, and where to go, and what not. And it made us realize how perfect Chiang Mai is for our lifestyle. Like it just makes you not really want to travel anywhere else in Asia really ahah. Then I came home, made some rice and veggies. Well made a fuck ton of rice actually ahha. And right when I was coming out of my room I hear MARGAUX'S VOICE! SHE JUST GOT IN, AND MAN IT WAS SO AWESOME TO SEE HER! Her best friend Hannah came too this time, and I'm just so stoked that they're here finally!!!!!! She gave me the biggest hug, and then we realized that her room was legit right across the hall from mine EEEP! And so we all squished in her room and just caught up and chatted with them while they put their bikes together. Then around 5 we left for Taste From Heaven. It's Shannon and Ant's last day in CM so we all went there for their good bye dinner. There was probs over 50 of us just from our group and it was HECTIC. I was so glad I brought my own rice so I could start on eating right when I got there.

Shannon and ant arrived late ahaha, and when they did, I ran up to Shannon and just had a massive chat with her. I feel like I've barely seen her at all this year, and now she's leaving tomorrow! so we just had an incredible catch up about life, and man have I missed her sunny beautiful wonderful heart. She told us the coolest story about her tattoo, and also had me promise to visit her in AUS sometime this year ahah. Then I also chatted with Ant about his training, and he got me all jazzed up to maybe start doing some racing ahha. But we'll see, maybe in the distant DISTANT future when I'm more settled, but as of right now, I'm happy just taking my bike for fun adventures with friends, exploring new roads :) So after I finished all my food, and ate some of Griff's pumpkin curry, I also finished off Emma's dinner since it was too spicy for her eheh. Then around 7, I said my goodbyes, since I need to be up at 3:30 tomorrow for a big ride, waited outside for griff for 10 minutes, got annoyed. But I couldn't stay annoyed cuz he was only late because he was waiting for someone to pay the bill to. Then we rode home, I had 5 massive bowls of cereal (carbing up for my ride tmrw) Had over an hour long chat with a friend about life, then went to bed after 10, way too late... as per usual ahah.