DAY 260

Today was a full on day, but it was full of just wonder and happiness. So I slept in till 8 which was just glorious ahha, then woke up, had a huge bowl of oats, then got ready for our day trip to the Sticky Waterfalls! I packed some food, put my fruity swim suit on, and met everyone outside our building to find a song tao that would take us and wait to bring us home. So there were 14 of us total, and we weren't sure if we would all be able to cram into one, but we managed, and boy it was literally jam packed ahah. And after some bargaiing we got the price down to 100 baht each, woot. So it was a one hour drive to the waterfalls, and during the ride we had some hilarious conversations and made many discoveries ahah. Once we arrived, we sat by the picnic tables and had some food before heading down to the falls.

During our picnic, Bonny shared a discovery that her and Em had last night. So the word "incredible" actually means in credible. Like not credible. Which is why it has the meaning of just unfathomable and unbelievable. But now the word incredible has been mutated into a word that's pretty much overly positive from what the words supposed to mean ahah. So after that, we all headed down this pretty rickety staircase that was surrounded by bamboo forests until we got to the falls, and omg it was the coolest thing.

So the falls themselves are just these lumps of limestone rock that form like little bubbles undulating one after another, snd the water just flows over the rocks in a steady stream. They remind me of the moguls on ski hills, and look almost alien. And because the rocks are limestone they're super grippy, hence the name "sticky" waterfalls. So we all just clambered up the rocks, which was so much fun. The water was so refreshing and fresh, and it was just so cool to be walking up these waterfalls. The rocks were a little slippery at some points, but we just held onto the rope that was there on the slippery parts. It's just so fucking cool what nature can do, like mother nature, you're fucking rad.

But on our way back to our bags, I slipped on a really slimey rock and wacked my head on the rock, Bonny said she could hear it from where she was standing, eeep. I was just really in shock, and I just layed in Bonny's lap for awhile until I felt better, and got up, had some water, and just laughed about why these things always happen to me ahha.

And by 3, we left the falls, and all packed into the song tao. In the song tao I ate a tupperware of rice and sweet chilli sauce for lunch, then we just spent the rest of the ride jamming to songs from Sam's spotify playlist. We sang so many old school tunes like: Here without you, Yellow, Semi-charmed kind of life, and more. It was just so much fun. We also sang Your Song, and Bonny was like, oh the song by "John Elton" LOL, she meant Elton John. I was standing outside hanging off the edge of the song tao, just appreciating the amazing tunes, the amazing people I was surrounded by, and this amazing moment in time. When I got back, I was honestly cooked, I swear doing shit like this is more tiring than going for a 200 km ride ahah. So because my bike's front brake is still fucked, I quickly ran it over to Velocity, and after about 30 minutes, they fixed the problem! They basically replaced the brake pads, and then jsut adjusted them to perfection. At first he was just looking at my like I was some noob girl, cuz I went in my sun dress and bathers ahah, but after he saw my tan lines, he pointed to them and was like "wow you ride lots." haha see they serve a very useful purpose, they qualify my identity as a cyclist lol. And after the bike shop, I raced home, showered, wore the most mosquito protective clothing I owned, packed some white rice and greens, then met up with everyone at Imm Aim. When I got there Griff had already put in my order of sweet potato salad, extra sweet potatoes, Tom Kha and rice, so most of my food was there already when I got there. I just ate everything with what I brought as well, and man I am so glad I branched out and ordered something different (tom kha) instead of just getting my usual massuman curry, cuz the tom kha was delicious. Herbal. Creamy. Fresh. and so flavourful. It just wasn't spicy, but its all good cuz i put some of Bonny's chilli powder on top. During dinner, Tim told us about this wacko sheep farmer, who after NO training (unless you count running 30 kms in gum boots herding sheep lol) entered an ultramarathon race, and ended up WINNING because while other contestants slept, he just kept chugging along slow and steady doing his iconic shuffle. His name's Karl Young, and I swear he's like Tim's idol ahha. I swear we spent most of dinner discussing this fucking legendary sheep farmer haha. We also later found out that he died a vegetarian, yay for vegos! ahha. Emma also finished all her dinner today, which was a first, and I was so proud (but sad because that meant I didn't get to eat her leftovers haah). A few of them also got some choc chip cookies which were pretty tasty, but I didn't think they were anything too special, and they don't even compare with Em's homemade ones apparently. I need to try her famous cookies ahaha. And after paying, I boogied on home to get a headstart on writing my blog before we headed to the roof for a sunset jam session. I brought my laptop up so I could continue writing my blog, but after we filmed a clip on Bonny's vlog about appreciating all the little things and living in the present moment, I thought fuck it. The blog can wait, I want to live, right now, in the moment, and appreciate how blessed I am to be here in Thailand, on the roof watching a magical sunset while singing with all my friends to Sam's incredible guitar playing.

We just all sat on the ground in a circle singing old tunes like: fast car, special two, seaside and more. I just sang my heart out, closed my eyes, and swayed in tune with the music. There was one moment, while listening to my beautiful friends Chelsea, Sam and Biggi singing, that I just closed my eyes and sent out a thought of gratitude into the universe. Gratitude for this moment, for these people, for music in general, and for this life of mine. I was just so happy, and my heart was so full I felt like it would just burst. I couldn't have smiled more, or been more content and blissed out if I'd tried. Man life is just so fucking extra-ordinary. And after it was pitch black, and our voices had all been worn out, I went back down to my room exhausted but oh so happy.