DAY 261

So this morning, most of us just slept in, and went up the mountain late. So our cruz crew started strong. It was Bonny, Em, chels, Hannah, Griff, Margaux, Biggi and I. But slowly, one by one, our crew dwindled away. Margaux started just gunning it and went off the front, then awhile later, Hannah and Griff picked up the pace, and when Tim flew by us Biggi jumped on as well and went with him. So I found myself with the original cruz crew of just Chels, Bonny, Em and I ahah. But it wasn't just us, we were joined by the cutest thai mountain dog ahah, he just ran along side us for the last few kms with his tongue out and tail wagging. We spent the whole ride just singing, and trying to figure out the lyrics to Fast Car by tracy chapman, and I loved it. Man I'm just in this phase of loving and really appreciating the wonders of music. Then once we got to the top, I just walked around stopping and chatting with my friends. I swear going up to the mountain in our community is honestly like our version of walking through the halls in highschool. It's like we're walking by all the lockers of your friends, and you just stop and chat for a bit, then continue on down the hall smiling and waving at friends. It's honestly just the best time, ahah and that's why I always spent like multiple hours at the top before heading down. We also went to the Q&A for awhile and Bonny fishtailed my hair while we listened to Freelee and Harley's answers and stories. Junes (one of the lovely ladies that work at the smoothie stand) 3 year old son also came and chilled with Vegard, Robin and I by the Q&A while eating his grilled corn ahah. He is just a ball of energy this kid, he was just running around all through the Q&A crowd, yelling, waving his arms, laughing, throwing himself into Vegard ahah, and just having a jolly good time. Anyways, around 10 we decided to head back down, and after a slow relaxing descent I just felt so sleepy, so I had some oatmeal, then went and lazed by the pool with Bonny, Chels, Em, Emma, Margaux and Hannah. We just all tanned by the pool, splashed around in the water when we got too hot, and talked about random shit haha.

Bonny was just marvelling at the incredulity of water, and she's totally right. Water is soft, fluid and inviting, but it can also be hard, strong and menacing. You can slip right into it smooth as silk, or fall flat against it and seriously injure yourself. Water really is an enigma that you can just spend hours studying, observing, and gawking at. Then they started planning out their last week, and it actually made me so sad. It made me realize that their time and MY time here in CM is coming to a close. I honestly couldn't deal with it, and just went all silent, WAH ahha. But in reality, it's also made me realize how epic my time here has been. I've just had the time of my life, everyday really, and not just here in CM but everywhere on all my travels. And I'm not going to end them here. I'm not sure what my game plan from here on out is YET, but I'm figuring it out asap :P Then I went up to Bonny's room, foam rolled, and edited until the gals came home. They went to tops and grabbed some cooked sweet potatoes, corn, pumpkin and lettuce to have with our dinner in tonight. 

Then we watched the rest of Easy A, and had the chillest night in. I had about 5 plates of dinner with guac and a ridiculous amount of sweet chilli sauce. Chels, Emma, Margaux and Hannah also came up and we just all had a cosy dinner in together. Then around 7, we all just lazed on Emily's bed while looking through photos from the waterfalls yesterday.

Omg, they're the funniest thing, some of the faces we pulled are just insane, like I don't even know how our faces can form such hilarious shapes ahahah. Then when Bonny sent them to everyone, she told them to put their airdrops on, on their phones. And Emma didn't know how to do that, so Bonny turned the setting onto "everyone" for her, and she was like: wait now everyone can send me stuff. And Bonny replied saying: relax, no ones gonna send you shit except me okay? 

And it's not even that funny but we both just burst out laughing at her reaction, and couldn't stop for ages. I think it was one of those "you had to be there" kinda moments LOL. And after some more of just chatting and laughing at things that really aren't funny at all, I cleaned up the kitchen, then headed down to my room, wrote my blog, had a bowl of oats, talked to Griff, then went to BED at 11.