DAY 244

So we were planning on going up the mountain this morning, but the rain came and it was just a blessing in disguise. Because of that, I slept in a bit more, then got a tad concerned by my rib that was aching from last nights massage. But I think it's just like a sore muscle or something.... who knows ahah. Then I got up and finished editing my vlog while eating my muesli cereal. The scenes in my vlog with Emily in it are just so fucking hilarious, I had to go upstairs and show her. We had a huge laugh about it then I just plopped myself down in their room and started editing. Then I heard Bonny get up, so I ran in and had a cuddle with her before we both got up and started editing. But we kept getting distracted, first by youtube, then I decided I wanted to finally figure final cut pro out and start editing with that, so I had Bonny give me a quick intro, downloaded some fonts, and imported my files into final cut. Then I went down to get ready for my coaching call at 11:30. I ate some oatmeal right after while starting to format my eBook. Then I went down to fill my water, and play piano in the lobby. and while I was playing Griff Bonny and Em found me, and we all stayed there for awhile. Then I came back, went up to Bonny and Tims room, filmed a video on FOMO with Emily and took some magnesium powder that Em had. She said it was awful but I actually enjoyed it, I thought it tasted pretty tasty eheh. Then we started making our dinner feast. We cooked rice, morning glory with mushrooms, pasta, homemade pasta sauce, beans and tomatoes (with heaps of herbs), corn, and greens. Bonny and Em also picked up some green curry, pad see euw, and rice paper rolls from the vegetarian stall. But right before we had dinner and watched a movie, Bonny and I ran down to Griffs room (since he got fast wifi) so she could upload her new video! It said it would take 2 hours in her own room, but the time went down to 20 minutes in Griffs room. Then after it finished, we raced back to Bonnys room and started feasting on dinner while watching 10 Things I Hate About You since I'd never seen it before. And I fucking loved it, I had the best time just laughing and feasting with all my friends eheh. That movie just made me so sad that Heith Ledger died :( his smile is just so cute. But my favorite part of the movie was when Tim was like: aweee Bonny you're crying, I almost teared up too.... lol nah jk. 

Idk if that made any sense, but in the moment it was just hilarious, and we all cracked up. I also ate about 5 HUGE plates, then 2 bowls of cereal with this amazing 7 grain rice milk. SO NOM.