DAY 262

We were planning on doing Sameong loop today, but this morning when we looked outside, it was foggy and cloudy, and just didn't look very promising, so we just decided to go up Doi Suthep. Margaux, Hannah, Griff and I rode together, and I was honestly just planning on cruising, but about 10 minutes in I felt so fresh and strong, so I just started to pick it up a bit, and ended up going up tempo up to the Palace. Definitely a rad sweat sesh. Jason joined us up to the Palace, and when we got to the top he showed us this viewpoint that I'd never seen before. It was so clear today, and just stunning. There were the mountains off in the distance, but covering them were these huge white fluffy clouds, that just covered EVERYTHING! It was like this ocean of clouds, and honestly, if you ignore the green landscape below the cloud layer, the clouds could almost pass as snowy icy mountains. Like it almost looked like what I imagine the terrain of northern Canada to look like. Then when we descended, we rode through so much mist and fog, it felt like we were riding through the clouds, it was eery and magical, and so flipping cool. And after getting back to the smoothie stands up at Doi Suthep, I just chatted for ages with the guys. I met these guys before the festival started, and since then I've just grown to love them all so much, they're all just inspiring, humble, kind like minded people, and man will I miss them when I leave. We had an awesome conversation together about why we love riding and it made me want to make a video about it. Anyways, then I went and found the gals at the Q&A, discovered the boomerang app for instagram and laughed my ass off making ridiculous ones with Bonny. Then I did a face swap on snapchat with Em, Emma and Bonny and we all pissed ourselves laughing. They were just the most atrocious photos ever.

Like my face on Bonny's makes her look like an alien, mine on Emma's makes her look like a man, and mine on Em was actually not too bad ahah, and their faces on me just all looked ridiculous. But they were so funny and we just laughed over them for ages, then ran to show the guys ahha. Then after the Q&A finished we hung around and chatted with some of the folks from the festival, and I learnt a new word-pedagogy. But man so many of my friends are leaving today and it's so bittersweet. I know I'll see them again soon, but it's still so sad to see them go. And by the time we were descending, the sun was out in full force, and it looked like it was turning out to be a beautiful day.

After getting back, showering, having oats, and washing my kit, I went up to Bonny's room to foam roll, stretch, plan our week, and book my plane tickets. But man I just got way too annoyed by the process so I'm just decided not to do it today... AGAIN. lol. I ate a heap ton of leftovers from last night with sriracha and sweet chilli sauce while doing a tad of editing. But when Bonny and Griff got back and saw I still hadn't booked the ticket, they got on my case, and after a stressful hour... I BOOKED MY TICKETS AHHA. I booked a round trip ticket because I already know I want to be back in CM in mid September, and the round trip tix were even cheaper than the one way tix I was contemplating before...SUCCESSS!!! I'm so happy I finally booked them, I feel so accomplished. I booked them with Air China and man it was such a smooth process, they're not trying to trick you into paying more, and they give you 2 checked bags of 23 kg with the ticket... how fucking awesome? And because it took so long to book the tickets, by the time I finished it was time to leave for Sam and Dans, for soul food monday.

There was a HUGE turnout, and we ate so much we all just couldn't even look at food after ahah. It was the usual delish food but they also steamed taro and eggplant tonight which was a special treat. And because Bonny was like falling asleep and we all wanted an early night, we left around 7 for home. And after a bowl of oats, I finished my blog then went to BED around 9!