DAY 263

SOOOOO today is EMILYS 23RD BIRTHDAYYYY!!!! And for her birthday, her wish was that we would all actually meet early and on time for our ride. So I made a conscious effort this morning to be outside by 6:20. She was actually 5 mins late, but we forgave her because it's her special day ahah. Then we all cruzed up the mountain with her, and the rest of the crew. Today is also the last day of the festival, so we thought we'd stay for the whole Q&A till the end and hang out at the top. When I got to the top, I got chatting with Kelly, and we've now decided that WE'RE GONNA MEET UP IN PORTLAND MID JULY! I'm so excited to go there with her, Kelly is like the perfect travel companion. She's vegan obvs but also so into cycling like me so I just can't wait. Then Jess and I just chatted for ages about perfection, mindset, positivity and so many other deep life topics. Man she is one switched on girl, and I just loved our conversations. And after the Q&A we met these lovely girls from the Phillipines, and took some photos with them and a few other gals that were leaving today. But by about 11, I was SO busting to go pee ahah, so I descended quite quickly, raced upstairs, and peed for like 30 seconds straight. It was great haahha, then showered, had 2 bowls of oats, and went up to roll and stretch with Bonny. I ended up hanging out up there for hours with everyone. Sam, Griff, Margaux, Hannah, Tim, Bonny and the birthday gal were all there so we just all chilled, chatted, and discussed some recent events that have been ongoing in Chiang Mai ahha.  Then at 1, I ate a huge container of leftover rice and sauce while skyping my mom just to catch her up on my life haha. And then met the gals outside to bike over to Maya so we could watch FINDING DORY!!!! Obviously it wasn't as good as Finding Nemo, but man I still loved it. Baby Dory is just so fucking cute she breaks my heart, and when she reunited with her parents, it was just so touching and heartwarming that I started crying ahahha. This movie also just makes me wonder if everyone who watches it, makes the link between how fish in captivity are treated, and the desperate need to avoid institutions like Aquariums and zoos. There are just so many subliminal vegan messages in countless kids movies, that I'm honestly shocked more people dont make the connection. Anyways, after the movie, we went to the Arcade and a few of us tried the game where you dance by putting your feet on the squares that the screen directs you to. It's like guitar hero, but with your feet haah, and omg it was so fun. But oh man i fucking SUCKED. I got F both times, Bonny got C, and Emma fucking killed it and got an A by her last go. I honestly wanna go back and practice it was so much fun, just dancing to cheesy thai music, and doing something that you're absolutely horrendous at, haha it made my day. Then we went straight to dinner at Anchan, but they sold out of Pad Thai so we had to branch out. I tried the pumpkin red curry, and veggie stir fry with rice and they were both INCREDIBLE.

And while we were all eating our food, Tim and Sam had snuck off to pick up the Jumbo cookie that Bonny and I had arranged for Emily. We had these vegan cookies at Imm Aim a few days back, and Em is obsessed with COOKIES, so we thought instead of a cake we'd surprise her with a massive cookie. So we messaged Mr. O and asked him if he could ask his cookie supplier to make us a big one, and he said YES. So off Tim went to pick that up. And when he arrived, we got a candle, put the huge oatmeal raisin cookie on a plate, and started singing Happy Birthday!

Em was totally surprised and flabbergasted, she'd had no idea and absolutely loved it which made us so happy. Man, I love surprising people so much haah. And when we asked her, she said it was one of her best birthdays ever. <3Then I went upstairs to Bonny's room and helped her book her tickets to from Maui to LA, before having an early ish night at 9.