DAY 264

This morning, a bunch of the fast guys were gonna go full gas up the mountain today, and Tim even rented a motorbike so he could film it and ride in front of them. Biggi was sitting on the back, and filmed the whole climb. Hannah and I just biked up together, and she went so well, she's definitely got a crazy fast time in her, she just needs to commit and go for it. Anyways, once I got to the top, I raced over and asked the guys how it went, and holy moly Sam got a fucking CRAZY time, he got sub 28! It was 27 something, which is the fastest time any of us vegans have ever done. The rest of the guys all popped off at various points, but they all had a good ride and pushed themselves. Apparently the start was just insane, they were like sprinting doing 400W or some shit like that haha. Man those guys are all just next level fast it's incredible. And after I got the full run down, we all just hung out at the top for ages chatting about cycling, future travel/training plans, and just trying to soak in the little bits of sun that were peaking through the clouds. And around 10, we finally headed down haha, Sam gave me a few descending tips, and after getting back and having some food I went up to roll, and watch the footage that Biggi filmed. It was fucked, Sam is just next level fit, like he was still talking at some points, and they were just flying so fast up the mountain it was pretty much unfathomable. Then after Bonny and I had a chat with our friend, she went to the dentist! It's her first dental appointment in ages and she has so many cavities to fill haha so she was heaps nervous. I just stayed home and edited while eating oats for lunch, then when Bonny got back her Em and Chels all came and visited me in my room, and we had a nice gal chat. Then Emma came over to my room and showed me this new shirt she bought, and somehow we just got talking about how we'd still wanted to go dancing one night, and spontaneoulsy we were just like... fuck it lets go TONIGHT! So we got a huge crew together and we all went out for dinner at Aum for Angelo and Brendan's last night, then went out DANCING! So at aum, I had the best soft tofu tomato red curry with a papaya salad and rice, it was fucking so tasty and the best meal I've ever had at Aum. At dinner we were sort of recruiting/convincing people to come dancing after. I was so stoked for everyone to come and just go sober clubbing, but I was mostly excited to see Sam bust out some moves. Emma showed me this Youtube video of him dancing, and OMG I just died laughing, he's such a natural and just doesn't care what people think of him so he goes just all out and really gets into it. so when he said he was coming it literally made my day ahah. So after everyone finished dinner, we sort of just rode around the city until we hit the main bar strip. And we were going to go to this reggae bar, but then further up we heard a bar that was blasting MJ so we obvs opted for that one. So by this time it was like barely 7, so this bar was just empty ahha. So after locking up our bikes we all just piled in there. I swear the workers there were like so confused. First of all we were fucking crazy hyper and just dancing all over the place, secondly none of us bought drinks besides water and sprite, and thirdly... we were acting like we were high/drunk but were completely sober ahah. So this random bar that we stumbled across was actually perfect for us, not only did we have the entire place to ourselves, but we got to choose our own music.

The DJ just got off the stage and told us we could search up and create our own playlist, so all night we just blasted throwback tunes like Spice Girls, Shakira, Queen, and more. And you know what, by the end of the night...EVERYONE had gotten into it and was just having a blast. We all got so sweaty and exhausted dancing our asses off and honestly it was just the best most memorable night spent singing and dancing our hearts out. But man Angelo and Sam definitely made the night. They were both just fucking ripping it on the dancefloor, and were cracking us all up so much with their moves and mannerisms. I was honestly in stitches laughing at them. Anyways, by around 10 we were all so pooped, it was the latest I'd been out in AGES and so after a final finale song by Queen we headed home. But first we stopped at Rimping and bought the most amazing coconut taro ice cream bars and cereal which I had for dessert. I ended up finishing the whole box of cereal... oops haha. Dancing makes you hungry as fuck ahah. 

And now it's 12 and I'm finally off to bed, it's a fucking late night, but it was totally worth it.