DAY 265

So today I woke up feeling legit hungover from last night ahahha. It was just because we had such a late night compared to usual, and honestly I probably used more energy dancing than I do going up Doi Suthep ahah so I woke up at 7 to ride, and was like yea no... that's not happening haha, so I just slept until like 9:30, had a humungo bowl of oats with soy milk and sugar, got water, went to rimping with Bon and Em and told them about the sexy girl dance group my friends and I had in grade 5 lol, then came home and started editing the dancing vlog from last night. Everytime I watched the footage I just kept cracking up, so it took me AGES to actually get any productive editing done haah. So because Bonny's getting her dental work done at 5, we all decided we'd just have an early dinner in, which is perfect because poor Margaux and Hannah actually crashed coming down the hill today. It's nothing too serious, just some road rash and headaches, but they're feeling exhausted so they were super keen for a dinner in as well. I went upstairs to Bonny's room and just spent the afternoon editing and hanging out with them. And around 2:30 Chels, Em and I went to Tops and bought heaps of sweet potatoes, corn, cereal, and fruit. Bon and Em also went to Rimping and got maple syrup and black tahini to have with our sweet potatoes AKA my FAV food EVERRRRR! And after getting home, I cleaned my chain, lubed it up, and then tried to chug a litre of water. I was still heaps dehydrated from our late night dancing last night, so my mission for today was to rehydrate, and I'd say it was an epic flop. So for dinner, all the gals came up and we just had a cozy night in together talking about periods, fertility and other girly things ahahahha. Tim was just so outnumbered by us gals, it was hilarious. I just went to town and feasted on rice, corn, pak choy, baked sweet potatoes with tons of herbs and a shit ton of sriracha.

I also had some jackfruit and a few bowls of weetbix with dragon fruit, bananas and soy milk before getting an early night :)