DAY 267

TODAY IS BONNY'S BDAY!!!! And we were gonna ride up Doi today, but mother nature blessed us with rain, which was actually good for me cuz I was tired AF, so instead, I uploaded the video I made for Bonny's bday, ate oats with mango and cinnamon, then went upstairs to cuddle with Bon and Em. Bonny said she cried when she saw my vid, and that just made my day. Anyways, I spent the morning just watching Gossip Girl with the bday girl and Em, and trying to plan our surprise dinner tonight. Then I dropped my bike off to get cleaned because it was just not okay after yesterday's ride ahah, and even just walking back from the bike shop took it out of me. I was so pooped after yesterday I just wanted to nap all day ahah. So I went upstairs to roll and stretch, then decided to nap so I wasn't fucked for tonights surprise bday dinner for Bonny. Then after editing for a tad as well, I walked to pick up my bike from the shop, and came back in time to ride over to Sam and Dan's for dinner!!! So they host soulfood monday's and cook up an epic feast every weak, and Bonny always froths over their food so I wanted to ask if they could cater a meal for Bonny's bday and they agreed!!! Bonny's also obsessed with mango stick rice so Dan agreed to make that tonight for dessert. But on our way there, Margaux slipped and fell, and Tim accidentally let slip that she could clean the wound at Sam and Dan's, and Bonny heard!!! So the surprise was slightly ruined, but it's all good cuz she still LOVED it. So a huge group of us went to celebrate Bonny's bday and we all feasted on their epic food. I had two heaping bowls, and was just STUFFED. When Bonny was there she said that if she could have chosen one meal to have tonight, Sam and Dan's food is what she would've chosen which just made me so happy! Then midway through our meal it just started POURING DOWN RAIN! So we all raced under the cover, grabbed the food, and everything we could salvage, and then cozied on indoors. We all sat on the floor together and continued the night there. And when it was time for mango sticky rice, I prepped the mangoes, then served one up for Bonny! She was so surprised and so impressed by the dessert. We also put crunchy mungbeans on top, and honestly her and I both thought it was the best sticky rice we'd ever had.

Dan made it, so props to him, apparenlty it's quite the arduous process, and involves scrubbing the rice, who knew. And then finally when everyone was already bursting from fullness (me included) we busted out the final surprise, which was the vegan carrot cake! We lighted a candle, and sang happy bday for Bonny, and once again this surprise was a success!

She had no idea, and after trying it, said it was one of the best carrot cakes she'd ever had. I had a slice to myself as well and I'd have to agree. The icing, raisins, and everything about it was just on point. Then we just spent the rest of the evening waiting for the rain to stop, nursing our food babies, and all laughing about me as the pink marshmallow... ahahah. If you don't get that reference, read my blog from yesterday. After paying Sam and Dan, and thanking them extensively for all their hard work, we all finally left around 8. On the way home Griff got a flat, so Biggi and I stayed behind for moral support while he fixed it, and after it was all patched up, we raced home, I wrote my blog, got footage off of Sam from yesterday's ride, had mint tea in Emma's room with her, Biggi, Griff and Sam, then went to BED. :D