DAY 268

So today is a sad day. It's Em, Chels, Bon and Tims last day here, and I'm actually not okay with it. I've gotten so used to seeing them everyday, that they've just become my home away from home. But rather than dwell on that, I'm just going to be thankful for the incredible time we did get to spend together.

Anyways, soooooo this morning was Bonny, Em and Chelsea's last ride... SOOOO THEY WANTED TO TT! Em got held up this morning, but Bonny, Chels and Khadi all wanted to go for a sub 55. The pacing team/support crew consisted of Biggi, Griff, Tim, Ben and me. So they started with a 5 minute warm up, then we hit it up Doi Suthep. And holy moly I was so proud of ALL of them! They all pushed themselves so hard, all smashed their old PR's and all got SUB 55!!!! But by the end Chels and Khadi had dropped off just slightly, and it was Tim, Griff and I, just all shouting, all encouraging and all pacing Bonny. She just smashed it, she stayed on Griffs wheel pretty much the entire way up, she dropped it a few times but always powered back up. And that last stretch was just amazing, by then I could already see on my garmin that we were flying and that she was gonna get sub 55 for sure. Bonny didn't have the time up so she was in the dark, but I was so excited and she later told me she could hear it in my voice that she knew that I knew we'd get the time :) I was just shouting like crazy saying: YEAA BONNY! YOUR KILLING IT! USE THAT CARROT CAKE AND ICING FROM LAST NIGHT! COME ON! ahahha, but mostly just telling her to stay positive, focussed and strong, and that she could DO IT! I had so much faith in her, and she didn't let us down. She smashed her goal of sub 55 by doing 22:32! And I swear I have never seen Bonny push that hard in her entire life. Right after she crossed the line, she was breathing so hard, and the guys were pushing her up to keep her moving. She just gave it all and I was so impressed and happy for her. Then we hung out at the top for ages, until deciding to ride up to the palace. But just before the guys had moved my seat backwards because they said my riding position is a tad too hunched over, and so because of that, I was using different muscles than I was used to, and man it was tough. I need to learn how to activate my glutes more when I ride instead of just relying on my quads. But just 100m before the palace, we found a squirrel who had been run over by a car, and was just half flattened and struggling to move. So we all huddled around for ages trying to figure out our best course of action from here.

After much discussion and exasperated "ahhh I dont know what to do's" I found a sign post, and we carefully slid the squirrel onto the sign, and carried it to the palace, where we asked if they knew what to do. And the guy at the information center seemed to be saying he'd take it to the monks at the palace. We just wanted to make sure they wouldn't just kill the poor thing, but they seemed to know what they were doing. And after sorting that out, we went to the view point, and after awhile I just got irritated that they were taking so long. It was one of those moments where you're irritated, and you know you shouldn't be and that there's no fair really reason to be, but you just are and can't help it. But I let Bonny know that I was irritated that I felt like I was constantly waiting, because I feel like it's just always best to be open and not surpress these things, but like I said to her, it's not even her, it's me. These situations are always more about you, and your expectations of people than they are about the other person. I expected them (unfairly) to be quicker, and more time efficient, and I didn't consider that it was their last day, and they just wanted to be in the moment and enjoy the view. So anyways, my little 5 minute spurt of irritation taught me a lot :) Then I ate some more oats and weetbix, then went up to Bonny's room to roll and stretch, and kinda just never left ahah. I stayed there and just edited/hung out with the gals all day until DINNERRRRR! So because of the rain, and wet roads, we all decided to song tao over to AUMMMM.

I shared a SPICY papaya salad, the tofu red curry, rice, & glass noodle soup with Chels and it was all deeelish as per usual. But somehow one the way to dinner I lost my phone.... EEP. It's funny cuz just a year ago I would have flipped shit, but now I'm like yea, whatever, it's just a material object that can be replaced, as long as I have my health and my friends, it's alllll goood in the hood ahah. But trying to instagram should be interesting... lol. Anyways, I had the best night just laughing, feasting, singing our respective national anthems, and just hanging with all ma mates. I'm seriously going to go through withdrawals when we all part. WAH. Then on the song tao home, we had hilarious chats about differences in vocab, slang, and traffic systems between Aus and Canada. Mainly our use of "washroom" compared to their like toilet, or bathroom. the looks I get from ppl when I used to say washroom when I was in Aus was just priceless, but now I'm so used to just saying toilet I'm just so Aussie. I've also gotten used to riding on the left side of the road... I'm legit gonna die when I go back home ahha. Then after getting back, I gave Chelsea her early bday present (since I won't be there for it) of my FAV book of ALL time The Name of The Wind. She loves fantasy books so I reckon she'll love it too. I also wrote a cute lil inscription for her, and she loved it heh. Also just when I had accepted the fate of my lost Iphone, the gals were like: no we are FINDING this phone, and after walking through my actions with Emma, she went downstairs with me cuz she had this inkling that I'd left it in the lobby... and she was RIGHT! haaha what a legend! <3. I just spent all night upstairs with the gals in Bon's room, and just got so overwhelmed that we would all be seperating soon. It's just not okay :( We had some carrot cake that was leftover from yesterday, and just chatted and hung out trying to spend as much quality time together as we could. I seriously went back to my room and had a little cry sesh before going to bed. GAH I just can't say enough how much I love them ALL.