DAY 269

TODAY WAS A BITTERSWEET DAY. Tim, Em, Bonny and Chels left us today, and it feels like half our friends have just dissapeared. I literally spend more time in their room during the day than I do in mine, and now I just feel so empty and lost haha. Okay I'm being dramatic, and I am also leaving in a few days anyways, but still... I'm mostly upset about Emily and Chels though. I'll see Bonny and Tim when I go to LA but those two... I mean who knows when I'll see them next which is really quite fucking upsetting. Anyways, so this morning I woke up around 7, and was just not feeling any physical movement aahha, in other words I just felt like being lazy AF, so instead of riding, I just stayed in bed, and messaged my brother for an hour about veganism! He's seriously on his way, and I'm so proud of him! He's pretty much vegan except maybe a few meals a week, so that's just incredible! It's crazy how far he's come in mindset and knowledge, when I first went vegan, he was so skeptical and unsupportive, and look at him now! 

Alright, enough about my brother. So after that, I went up to Bon and Em's room and boy it was just a MESS. They had stuff everywhere, and needed to be packed up and out of the room in a few hours ahah, so I just got down to helping them clear the fridge, sort out their stuff, and just general packing. They also gave me and others all sorts of stuff they never finished using, or were leaving behind. I felt like Santa, delivering all these gifts to my friends rooms ahah. They gave me maple syrup, tahini, spices, rice, shampoo, AND the cutest shirt that Bonny bought here-but it didn't fit her comfortably so she gave it to me. So really that's the REAL reason I went up to help them, to get all their gifts.. ahah no jokes obvs. I basically just wanted to spend as much time with them as I could before they left. Then around 11, the whole gang went to Maya for food with them. Hannah and I also went to Rimping and got some baked sweet potatoes, and cereal (standard) ahah. Then we all walked back, helped them load up their song tao's with all their bags, then said our goodbyes. It was just a hug fest, and were all so emotional and upset they were leaving. But the worst was seeing Biggi and Chelsea say goodbye, it honestly broke my heart. After that I just spent the rest of the arvo chilling with Emma, and I got to know her so much better. The more time I spend with that gal the more love I have, she's seriously incredible and just so full of kndness. Then when Sam got back from the immigration office, him and Biggi decided to go to the gym and so Emma, Griff and I joined them. I just pissed around on the elliptical, then got down to business ahah. I just copied the exercises Sam was doing to help activate glutes and hamstrings. Then I spent the rest of the time just stretching, and foam rolling. I was also just sitting my ass on Sam's golf ball which was revolutionary, it's so much harder and gets in at your glute so much better than my fucking soft as foam roller. Anywaysssss we got back around 3:30, and after just chilling out for a bit we went for dinner at Imm Aim since it's the last night it's open before the new location opens, and the last time I'll be able to eat there and see Mr. O before I leave. It was also Khadi's last night, so we obvs had to go where she was eating!

haah. I ate so much pad thai, tom kha and extra rice noodles, and also got the tangiest tastiest beetroot pineapple lime juice. And after just feasting and chatting with Margaux, Hannah, Emma, Khadi and everyone else at our table, we rode home around 7 for an early night. But right before we left, I was telling Cleo I wanted to get home to bed and to my cereal and he asked me if I ate the cereal IN bed, and I said: noooo I'd get it all over my bed. And what he said back was actually hilarious, he said: Oh I do too, but then I just roll in and around it and get it all over me.

HAHHA, AND he was 100% serious, it was great. Then as I promised, I came home, had cereal, had Margaux and Hannah try it (they both LOVED it), had some of her dried tamarind, chilled in their room for ages with Biggi and Emma. Then around 9 I got hungry again and had more cereal but this time remembered I had some frozen berries and maple syrup... and when I added that to my usual cereal combo it just blew my mind. I hit the fan and went to BEDDDD :D