DAY 270


So I woke up this morning around 6:45, and just lazily got ready to cruise up the Doi with Sam and Griff. Jason also joined us along the way, and we just cruised up real slow to the halfway point, and that's where Jason left us. After that, Sam was just giving us tips on how to ride with better technique, and I was just focussing on using my core, glutes, and keeping my upper body steady. Man that was the most aware of my muscles and body I've ever been on a ride. And fuck by the time I got to the top I was fucking sweaty AF. Like I swear I've never sweated so much, I'm really not sure why tbh, because we went super easy, but I guess it was just an extra hot hot day ahha. And when I got to the top, I got to meet and chat with some new friends! They're a beautiful couple from Quebec, so fellow Canadian, and I talked to them for probably just under an hour ahha. Then we all headed down, I showered, rolled, stretched, ate 3 huge bowls of oatmeal (I knew I'd be out for awhile), and rode to Annek cycles with Margaux and Hannah. The ride over was bloody hot, and I actually missed the turn for the shop and lead them too far down the road lol oops (directionally impaired), so we turned around and eventually got there ahah. Marg and Hannah were looking for helmets but didn't find any that caught their fancy. I took my bike in for a general service, and it took over an hour, but I didn't mind. The shop had a fan, water, and WIFI! Everything I need in life really :) And finally around 2, I left the shop, went straight to Maya mall and ate 3 plates from the vegetarian stall, then came back and chilled in Sams room with the rest of the gang (including Paul), and we all empathized with him over his need to go to the hospital to get his ingrown toe nail cut out. I've had it done a few times and mother fucker it's not fun. It's like some of the worst pain I've ever felt, so he's like flipping out ahahah.  We also took the FUNNIEST snapchat face swap photos, and they are just not okay ahahha.

Then around 5, we headed to dinner at Anchan. I got my FAV padthai there, and the best best best veggie stir fry.

But man I was heaps jealous of Sam's chinese Kale dish, that shit was like crack it was so tasty. But man, during dinner we just had the most insightful conversations, asking about Cleo's dark and troubled past with drugs, the reason we cycle/our motivation to start, the jail system, and other random shit that I can't even remember. But I remember it being an awesome and thought provoking conversation. Around 7, we left for home since the guys are doing a TT tomorrow and wanted an early night, and yall know me I always want an early night, ahah. I came back to 3 baked sweet potatoes that I'd gotten from Rimping earlier, and 4 bowls of cereal for dessert.

I had my cereal with bananas, papaya, berries, soy milk and maple syrup. YUMMO And after having a chat with Harley, Griff and Biggi, I went to bed around 9!