DAY 271

So the guys had a sub 30 train that were planning on going up today! But when I woke up, it was spitting rain and the roads were wet, so it wasn't the best conditions. But they were all hyped up anyways and so we went and met everyone at the base. Paul, Harley, Arman and the rest of them had already warmed up, but Sam, Griff and Biggi hadn't yet so off they went for their warm up. I was gonna push it till the palace but it was too wet so I just went up Doi Suthep. Vegard had a vasectomy about a week ago, and was still recovering from that so we rode together. But a few minutes into my ride, I saw Paul and Harley and them race by me, which confused me. I thought they were gonna wait for Griff, Biggi and Sam to finish the warm up, come back down, then all go together. But I guess not. When I got to the top I heard the story. So apparently like 10 minutes into their warm up, they saw the group race by so they just jumped onto the group. Griff actually rode into a DITCH! He scraped up his cycling shorts and had a few minor grazes, but besides that he was totally fine. After that, most people sort of blew up, and no one ended up getting a sub 30 haha. But as they said it was still good training and good fun. My ride was great, it wasn't a full out effort but I was definitely giving it some gas. I thought the rain would stop at the top, but it was still just pissing down. So we all huddled under the shelter together, and you know what, it was one of the best mornings up at Doi Suthep. During the festival it was just so hectic that it was hard to talk to everyone, but now that it's calmed down a bit, I got to actually talk to some of my fav people who I haven't properly hung out with in ages. I especially loved just catching up with and just being around Eva and Vegard. I love those two humans so much, and they're both such wonderful kind people. Eva just has the most beautiful smile, and such a heartwarming voice. And Vegard just cracks me up, all his mannerisms are just so unique and quirky its great ahah. I also got to chat with Jacob and found out that he has a vegan cooking business how cool is that? And we also chatted about people we draw inspiration from, and he told me to check out Jacque Fresco. So after the rain finally calmed down, I descended, showered, had oats, stretched with Margaux and Hannah, then watched heaps of Jacques videos. And after having a few more bowls of oats for lunch, I spent the day just sort of packing up a bit, cleaning out my room, and chatting with some friends. Then around 4, we left for dinner at Taste From Heaven, and I got the usual... PUMPKIN CURRY, MORNING GLORY, PAPAYA SALAD, AND RICE. I asked for extra chillies, and they gave me green chillies with seeds, and fuck they were spicy AF. I had a few and it burnt my throat ahah. Quite a few of our friends came out tonight, and it was so lovely to chat with them. I loved hearing Eva talk about her past and vegan story. Man that girl has been through so much, and tried so many different diets before finally finding HC Vegan, and she really has had so many life experiences. Also, shes flipping 26! I mean it's not that old at all, but I just totally thought she was like my age. She definitely does NOT look her age, she's looking radiant and beautiful as ever. I also shared my whirlpool theory for society with the people at my table, and they all agreed it made sense. So basically what it is, is just I picture our society like this whirlpool. And you know how around the edges, the current pulling you in isn't all that strong, but the deeper and deeper you get sucked into the whirlpool, the more powerful the current is, and before you know it you're right in the middle of it unable to get out. That's what I imagine society, and mainstream media and belief systems to be like. From birth, you're just on the outskirts of the whirlpool, then the older you get, and the more conditioning and mainstream media and brainwashing is inundated towards you, the more sucked into the whirlpool of capitalism and consumerism you get. That's why older people are generally less open minded and malleable, because they're so stuck in the whirlpool they cant get out. And I picture, me and all of us crew here, as the outliers, the lucky few who have been shot out of the whirlpool, the lucky few who have managed to fight that current and get out. And now, we're all congregated on this conceptual island out in the ocean, and that island is known is veganism/alternative lifestyles/ free thinkers/ whatever other term that can be used to describe us wackos haah. 


Anyways... after our dinner at TFH, we hopped over to Juicy for you which is legit just across the street for... PANCAKES. And fuck they were the tastiest pancakes in Chiang Mai. Like omg, they were sweet, creamy, not too fluffy, a little crispy around the edges, and delicious. I got the mango pancake, and they even filled the pancake with bits of incredible mango. I also brought my own maple syrup lol and that made all the difference. I licked my plate clean, it was that good... ahha.

Even more of our friends joined us at Juicy4you, and everyone who got the pancake agreed it was fucking hectic. I was just so happy to see so many faces of people I loved, and I just spent the night floating around talking, hugging, and being with my mates.

And when we left I snagged a few leftover strawberry jams from our pancakes to have with my cereal haah. On the ride home Hannah and I shared our stories of the hardest day of our lives. Mine was the Doi Ang Khan ride I did just like 5 days prior, and hers was when she did this epic all day hike in Italy. She said that for so much of it they were lost, tired, hungry, confused, and just in pain, but when they did get to the top she felt so accomplished, and the pizza she had at the top was the best pizza she said she's ever had ahah. And that got us chatting about how amazing it is that we humans our capable of accomplishing such incredibly Awe-some tasks like climb up a mountain. Like think of the looming structure of a mountain, and us puny humans have the ability to step by step, or pedal stroke by pedal stroke. Anyways, after getting back, I had a few bowls of cereal with bananas, jam, soymilk and coconut flakes. Finished this blog post, then went to bed around 10!