DAY 246

So I wasn't all that fucked today at all which was awesome and surprising after yesterday ahah. So I woke up around 6, got ready, woke Biggi and Griff up by knocking on their doors and told them to hurry the fuck up ahha. But in the end we still ended up waiting outside for bonny and tim lol. So they came out about 10 mins late, and when they got down we hit the road. So Bonny brought the drone today and so we rode up to the view point and stopped to get some drone footage. There was the cutest dog just chilling by the view point and he got so excited by the drone he like wanted to chase it down ahah. Anyways, after that stop, we kept on cruising up. I mean besides just being fatigued in general, my muscles and everything felt okay, just a tad sore which is to be expected ahah. We also got a bit of drone footage of the final stretch leading up to the smoothie stalls. Then we just spent the next hour at the Q&A, just listening, chatting and also playing with June's son. He is so wild and such a crazy kid it was hilarious haha. And around 9, we headed down. I descended real slow and Bonny and I just chatted the whole way down.

After I got back, I showered, had a tupperware full of oats, then went up to roll and stretch. After stretching and rolling for about an hour, it was already past 12, so I just edited a video, had a client, had some more oats, then pretty much set off for dinner! So tonight, we decided we wanted to go restaurant hopping and get all sorts of yummy food. So because we knew it'd be a long process, we left at around 2:30! First stop was By Hand Pizza, and I love this place because they have an actual wood fire oven, and their pizzas just taste so fresh and authentic, BUT when we went there they were closed, so instead we ended up going to Street Pizza, and you know what I reckon it was even better. Because it was so early, we had the entire flipping restaurant to ourselves ahah and besides Griff who got his own, we all shared one large pizza with one other person. Nicole and I shared a pizza topped with basically every vegetable, and pineapples, and it was incredible. I hadn't had pizza in MONTHS and it definitely hit the spot. Crispy, doughly, and flavourful. Next stop, we headed to Bubbles live for vegan burgers.

And fuck they were incredible, The patty was just this veggie patty with corn, zucchini, and all sorts of other goodies. It was filled with thick avo slices, veggies, and I lathered it with ketchup and mustard. But as tasty as it was, it was SOOOO filling. All of us regretted getting our own and not sharing a burger ahah. Well all of us meaning Em, Bonny and I at least haha, I think the guys enjoyed it. Next stop was Taste from Heaven, and from there I made a mistake of ordering the spiciest dish on the menu.... and fuck it was seriously spicy. Like I can handle spice, but fuck that was even too spicy for me. I ate green pepper corn accidentally and it just BURNED my throat. I was honestly like tearing up, and had to have all of tims Ice cubes from his juice. But man by then I was so stuffed as well, and just feeling super exhausted. BUT we still had one stop left, and that was.... dessert at Ice Love You! We met Lex there, and I shared the Banoffee and spiderman flavour with Griff. It was delicious, but by then I was just about to burst I was so full. It was so fucking awesome though to spend time with Lex and hear all about his life. He's led such an interesting, successful, intriguing life, and Bonny and I both agreed that he reminds us of an older version of Griff. And finally after we all finished our ice cream, we headed back, I had a big bowl of weetabix, then off I went to bed. I literally have never been more full or tired.