DAY 247

Legit slept in until 9:30 today and it was the best thing ever. Then I went up to Bonny and Em's room, and they showed me the vlogs they uploaded yesterday and I was just pissing myself laughing. There are so many moments in life that aren't funny at the time, but you watch them back, and they're honestly the most hilarious moments ever ahahah. THIS is why we vlog our life, to capture those moments ahahah. Then after just lying on their couch, listening to them banter, and laughing to myself at how hilarious they are, I went down, had some oats with mango and cinnamon (thatvegancouple style), and got ready to song tao to the markets with Bonny, Em, Chelsea and Tim. But first we ran into rimping and I bought some more cereal LOL. So bonny and Tim found a song tao driver that would take us all to the market, and wait for us while we got all our fruit, and it would only cost us like 50 baht each, so we all hopped in, and drove to the market. And on the way there I swear she was driving like 100 km/h we were all like wtf... is she gonna kill us? haah. So first stop, was to get a box of mangoes for Bonny and Em. But the ones we wanted were a different variety from the nom dak mais, they're rounded and sweeter in my opinion. And the box they wanted had perfectly ripe ones, but that meant that, they probably wouldn't be able to eat all of them before some of them went bad, so we tried to bargain the price down to 500 baht. After much deliberation, and calling Griff to find out how to say certain thai words to express what we wanted, she agreed on 550 baht. Then we went to the main strip and I bought heaps of mangoes, passion fruit, jackfruit, bananas, papayas, and sugar bananas. But man, it was such a mission. I swear walking around the market, under the searing sun, is more of an effort than riding up Doi Suthep haah. I was just sooo zonked after spending like 3 hours at the market. Then I just spent the rest of the time helping Bonny and Em stock up on fruit for their raw week. They got SO MUCH, they bought bags and bags of coconut, mangoes, papayas, jackfruit, bananas, and melons. By the time all 5 of us got our fruit in the song tao, the entire car was literally filled up, it was next level ahah. And finally around 2:30 we headed back. I was soo hungry by then and just drained from our market excursion ahah. When we got back, we ran into Harley, Nicole, Griff, Biggi and other friends, and chatted with them for a bit while unloading the song tao. And finally around 3, I was back in my room. I ate up the rest of the ripe mangoes that I bought, 4 bananas, 2 papayas, and a few packets of jackfruit. So basically I ate like half of what I Man I'm really beginning to realize how difficult being raw would be ahha. So around 4 we headed off to dinner at Imm Aim, and at dinner we decided we'd try to learn the words to "Can You Feel the Love" and have Griff play the piano song, while Chelsea sings (cuz she has the most hectic beautiful voice). But while learning the song, we realized that Em has NEVER FUCKING SEEN LION KING. LIKE WHAT? NOT OKAY HAAH. 


Em was also doing the funniest impressions of me and what I say, apparently I say: so cute, so good, and woah, a lot ahha. So for dinner, I tried a new dish: The penang curry with rice noodles and BROOOO it was sooooooo tasty. And after we finished dinner, we had been planning on going to the sunday night market, BUT just from all the storm clouds that were gathering, and all the wind that was blowing from every direction, we thought it would most likely rain, so last minute we decided to bail on the markets. Instead us gals went to Maya so we could get some mango sticky rice, while the guys went for a night swim.

The mango sticky rice was amazing and after it finished we all still wanted more. But as soon as we left the car park, we realized it was POURING rain, but there wasn't much we could do besides just ride through it. Emily's chain kept dropping off the cassette, and I helped her fix it, but apparently it dropped again, so while we were ahead riding, she walked her bike all the way back. We had no idea until we got outside our place and realized she wasn't with us! Poor girl :( Then I came home, had 3 bowls of delicious cereal, foam rolled in Bonny's room, sang some disney songs with the gals, made the SHOCKING discovery that Em had never seen Pocohontas, Aladdin, or Mulan before. Like wtf was her childhood?! ahah, anyways, after finishing up this blog post, I went to bed just before 10 :)