DAY 248

So today was MON CHAM monday!!!! But because we were pretty fatigued from Inthanon still we decided to take it really easy, and to take Griffs drone out and get some sweet footage since Mon Cham is just such a scenic and beautiful climb. On the ride over, Alex and I rode together, and we were just chatting about his family and upbringing, and I learnt so much about his life. I am only now realizing how incredible and special that guy is. He's also so supportive and always talking about how he watches my videos, and ah he's just so kind. Anyways, on the way over, we passed these girls on the highway that looked like they were quite new to riding, and Griff saw a rider who was riding a fold up bike, which is NOT the kind of bike you want to be riding up Mon Cham, and so he just chatted with her, and mentioned that maybe it wouldn't be the safest for her to ride up and down Mon Cham in the bike. But she replied in such a rude manner, and basically was insinuating, that she knew what she was doing and didn't need our advice. So we were like, alrighty then ahah. But besides that, there were so many new riders up at Mon Cham that were safe and just smashing it up for their first times. It was awesome to see so many people up there. I reckon there were like over 50 riders there and I'd never seen that many up at Mon Cham. But on the ride up, we stopped a few times to fly the drone, and on the last stop, we waited there until we saw the fast group race by. And oh man Paul and Sam were at the front and they were FLYING, we found out later that they did like 48 minutes, and got the KOM. When we got to the top, we took some more drone footage from the view point, and Harley joined us for that since he had made it up by then.

Then we all went to the cafe area, and I got to finally meet and chat with Paul. He was hilarious, and just reminded me of a hyper kid on lollies ahah. I just had so much fun chatting with everyone up there, that it was like 11:30 by the time we left. I rode home with David, Jesse, Biggi, and Alex, and it was almost 1 by the time we got back. When I got back to the Lobby of our apartment, Bonny and emily were there and they told me that they did a sub 1 hour up Doi Suthep today!!!!! How awesome is that???! I'm so proud of her! Then I came back, showered, did laundry, had weetbix and oatmeal, then went up to Bonny's room to roll. While there, I got a message from Harley asking if we had any laptop chargers, since he didn't have one, so Bonny and I went up and dropped one off for him, then we just got chatting and before we knew it, an hour had gone by ahah. He also ended up giving me a B12 shot, well 3 in fact, since he used insulin needles which are thinner.

But they also can only hold 1 mm where as the B12 injection is 3 mm, so he injected me in both forearms and one of my thighs ahah. Then I edited for a tiny bit, before leaving for soul food mondays at Sam and Dans!! I rode over with Griff, Tim, Biggi, Harley, Chelsea, and Song ha, and we got there just as they were setting out all the amazing food. It was delicious as per usual, and I had 3 heaping bowls.

I loved sitting there listening to all of harleys stories, bantering with Jesse and Vegard, and planning the rides we want to do for the rest of the week! That night, we also realized that the girl who we saw on the fold up bike crashed coming down Mon Cham. I mean I dont want to say I told you so, but man she deffs should have listened to Griffs advice. Also in the comments on the FB post about her crash, she was being very rude back and we were all just genuinely confused why she reacted so aggresively to someone who was just genuinely trying to express concern for her safety. But anyways, I ended the night by having the most insightful conversation about health and mental health with Nicole and dan, and it just made me so happy and grateful that I have friends in my life who I can have conversations like this with. Then around 8:15, we rode back, and after getting back, I wrote my blog, had a few more bowls of cereal, then went to BED!