DAY 249


GUESS WHO'S IN TOWN? ANTHONY! AKA Coach Anthony the Ant! ahah, missed that guy and he finally made it over from icy Adelaide, so this morning I cruised up with him, nicole, Jesse and a few others, and I just took it real easy! And just because I've been doing Inthanon, and just sort of not going up Doi Suthep these last few days, I feel as if I haven't seen all these people in AGES (it's been like 4 days ahah), so it was awesome to see and catch up with everyone! But because I had a pretty busy day, after just chatting for about half an hour I rolled back down. After showering, I had heaps of bananas and dried bananas, then went upstairs with Griff to Bonny's room to foam roll and stretch. I didn't see them last night since they were doing their raw challenge and eating a raw dinner, so I missed them a tad haah, and we caught up on life (after not seeing each other for one evening.... ahah we apparently have seperation issues lol). I also learnt from Bonny that watermelon is a fruit that's been cultivated to be sweet and juicy, and that originally it was much fattier, and the watermelon seeds resembled almost pumpkin seed like things. Anyways, after just chatting up there with Bonny and Em, I went down and got my editing started. I edited for about 10 minutes before the first of my 2 coaching calls. It was about 12 when I was all finished, and in my attempt to try to be raw today, I had a raw lunch of mangoes! I had 7 mangoes, and they were seriously so juicy and incredible, the only thing is, it took so much time to prep and it just go so dang sticky haah, and my laptop is now disgusting because I was editing simultaneously. Then I filled up my bottles at the water station, went to Rimping to get greens and jackfruit, then also stumbled across something which I got for Em for her bday ehhe. After that Griff helped me realize that over 100 GB's of my memory on my laptop hard drive is taken up from rejected files from my imovie library that I didn't need AT all anymore. So I literally freed up more than 100GB of space on my laptop and it was the most satisfying feeling everrrrrr ahah. Then I edited some more before goin to buy durian for our raw dinner with Bonny and Em. But first we had to have Griff explain the directions of how to get there since the guys were having a little bromantic man date together, so in the end it was down to me to get us to the durian stall. And you guys all know how directionally inept I am, so I was pretty nervous that all the pressure was on me ahah, but Bonny and Em had faith in me, and I ended up getting us there safe and sound, WOOT! We ended up getting 2 whole Monthong durians, and we put them in our bags and set for home. When we were about 2 minutes away from home, this scooter cut me off while we were riding through traffic, and to avoid crashing into it, I ended up rear ending right into the back of a pickup truck, and something cut my shin. I'm not sure what it was but it scraped the top layer of my skin off, and left a bruise, and a throbbing shin :( I had to get off the road, and just stand there for awhile to calm down and for the pain to subside a bit. The driver of the scooter felt really bad and was super apologetic, but it's a good reminder, that for the most part, these scooter drivers aren't really shoulder checking before merging and weaving through traffic. So after we got back, we feasted on our delicious raw dinner, and Chelsea came over after eating her cooked food (no cooked food allowed in the room while Bon and Em are doing their raw challenge :P), and we filmed a mukbang video for my channel. I started dinner with 2 packets of jackfruit, then I had about 4 plates of salad, and this was one of the best salads I'd had in ages. It was tender greens with heaps of diced mango, corn salsa, guacamole, italian herbs and SRIRACHA! The sriracha made the salad just next level, and the combo of corn, mango, avo, and lime juice was just oh so heavenly. But fuck, eating raw food really fills your stomach up. After eating that salad, I had to give myself a bit of a break before I could move onto Durian. But one of the best parts about our dinner, was while filming the video, I got to hear about chelsea's experiences and journey with her eating disorder, and it was just so illuminating. I had no idea about any of what she told us tonight, and it just made me so much more inspired by her, and made me feel so much closer to her. She really has, like so many of us, come so far since then. 

Anyways, after we all had a bit of a break, we cracked open the durians. The first one we had was AMAZING. It tasted like vanilla, mocha, coffee, and I went to town on that one. But the second one was just average. It had a faint onion taste, and I wasn't a huge fan. So after that, I went back to my room, had 4 more bananas before calling it a night. I went to bed just before 10, pretty satisfied and so proud of myself for being raw. It was a big step for me since I usually eat majority cooked food and cereal throughout the day haha. I can't really say that I'll be raw for sure tomorrow... but we'll see how it goes ahha.