DAY 250

Today was an amazing day, as most days on this planet are ahah. So we met everyone at the uni around 6:30, and there I ran into JOEYYYYY!!! I gave him a massive hug, and man it was so good to see him again. He's such a beautiful kind soul and I'm so excited he's back in town! Anthony and Griff then decided to lead up a train of riders going for sub 40, but my shin was still sore, so I just decided to go at my own pace but definitely give it a push. I've just been cruising for the last while and it felt so great to just give it some oomph and to feel some pain aahah. I saw so many friends along the way, and I just loved riding by and saying hi to everyone. Once I got to the top, I just started talking to everyone! I met so many new friends, and caught up with old friends who I haven't seen in ages! I just love being up there around all the incredible energy and around such incredible people. I could probably just spend all day up there haah, but actually no... I'd start craving cereal ahha. But after spending hours up there chatting, laughing, and listening a tad at the Q&A, I went down, just as it was starting to sprinkle a tad, and I went straight to my room to shower, and make weetbix. Yea... the raw challenge didn't last long for me haah. I had two bowls with lots of bananas and sugar, then ran up to Bonny's room to roll and stretch. Then I came back to my room to edit, answer emails, and chat with my mom. Around lunch I made a few more bowls of weetbix with bananas, mangoes, and cinnamon. Just as I was washing up Bonny messaged me to come up and watch Lion King with her and Em since EM HAS NEVER SEEN IT!

Chelsea joined us as well, and we just cuddled in Em's bed watching it, and man it was amazing as always. I've seen that movie so many times, and everytime I watch it I just get so many flashbacks and memories from my childhood ahha. We were singing along to the songs, and just marvelling at how epic it is. But after it ended, Em just said that it was: "really good" LOL, she said she liked it a lot, but maybe just because she never saw it as a kid it's just not as epic to her? who knows ahah. Anyways, they were still doing their raw challenge so they couldn't come to dinner, but I went to Taste From Heaven tonight and got to spend the night with SO SO SO many of my friends and feasting on RICE, MORNING GLORY and PUMPKIN CURRY!!!!

Simone also didn't want her morning glory or rice, and Thea had some leftover rice and curry so I basically got like a second free dinner from their leftovers ahah. I just sort of floated around at dinner talking to Natasha and Luca about youtube, storage, riding etc... and also about my dreams of maybe everesting some day ahah. But for most of the night I was chatting to Thea, Theo, Lex, and Karl. So I first met Karl on our Inthanon ride, and it was on that fateful day, that he actually swerved to miss a pothole, and ended up breaking his collarbone. We weren't riding with him at the time, so we had no idea until later, and today up at the mountain was the first time I'd seen him since then. But how he responded to his accident said so much about his character. He was so positive, and happy, and was just constantly saying how he'll be back on the bike soon enough. He wasn't whining, or victimizing himself whatsoever. That's a sign that he's just a quality person ahha. It's not what adversity's people encounter, but how they react to them that shape them and really illuminate their character. He's also heaps interesting, he's been studying Chinese in China for almost a year now (how cool is that?) so we were chatting in chinese for a bit, which was so much fun, but also showed me how shit my chinese has gotten since not using it like at all these last 8 months haah. I then found out that Lex (aka mr.vegan), also knows a bit of chinese since he also spent a year in China in the past. Lex was also telling me all about LA, whole foods, the amazing oil free hummus they sell, and so much more. He's also SUCH an intelligent intriguing person, I could probably just talk to him all day all week and still be just fascinated by him. Then I asked Theo to take a photo for us, and he was just having so much fun with my big DSLR, it was hilarious, he just felt so pro and we were joking around that he should be my instagram photographer and instagram husband ahah.

I met Theo about a week ago riding up Doi Suthep, but tonight was the first night I got to properly chat with him, and he's such a hilarious down to earth guy. And lastly, I was able to chat heaps with Thea! So it's actually such a cool story about how we first met. So I first met her in Vancouver at the instagram meetup that I hosted in September right before I set off on my travels. And at that time, she was getting ready to leave around the same time as me to travel as well. She set off for Korea, China and eventually Australia as well! So we both met each other on the heels of our impending travels, and now we meet again in the midst of our travels and I just thought that was so serendipidous and cool! And man she is just the sweetest, loveliest person. And I'm so so stoked to spend more time with her here before she leaves for Vancouver! All in all, it was an epic night spent with epic people, eating epic food. And after riding back, I had 4 more bowls of weetbix with mangoes, bananas, sugar, cinnamon, and soy milk, before going to bed at 10!

Note to self: I really need to start sleeping earlier!!