DAY 251

So Bonny and Em hadn't ridden in a few days, so when they said they were riding today, I obvs decided to cruise up with them. They haven't been in the best spirits since starting their raw challenge, so I just wanted them to start feeling good again! So on the ride up we took it REAL slow, and just chatted about tattoos, their raw challenge, and some other random shit ahah. After we got up to the top, we found out that heaps of the guys got PB's today!!! Biggi got 34 something (4 mins off his last year time), Griff AND Ash got 32 something, and Anthony got like a 31! I was so happy for them. I also made Chels, Bonny and Em smoothies at the stall ahah, I love making the smoothies there, I just have the best time chatting with the ladies there and I honeslty feel like we're friends ahah. They all got ma muang sour lot (zero clues how to spell that) smoothies, aka mango passionfruit! Lex also showed us the coolest youtube video of someone building a garden and planting sweet potatoes out of just branches and things found in nature, then the guy in the vid proceeded to build a fire out of like coals and ashes, and cooked the potatoes by covering it with the hot stones. And when he ate them, we realized they were the okinawa sweet potatoes, purple on the inside, and I just started craving them so bad haha. But how cool is that? This guy planted, and then ate sweet potatoes entirely using what nature provides. So bad ass. That is self sufficiency and minimalism man hhaha. Then we went to the Q&A and I just chatted with a few guys I havent seen in awhile, like Alex. He's been sick the last few days, so he hasn't been out much, and I missed seeing him around :P He's just the cutest guy and has such a sweet heart ahah. Anyways, I stretched for awhile, then went over to chat with Griff, Karl and Ash. It was then that Ash dropped the bomb that someone had stepped over my bike which was leaning against the sidewalk, and knocked my bike over causing the derailleur hanger to bend wayyyyy back. When I heard that I literally turned around and ran to my bike ahah. So I had no idea really what a bent hanger meant, but the guys told me that I now just couldn't bike in the lower gears, and that it's all good because the hangers are meant to bend. So all I needed to do was to go to a bike shop and have them bend it back with this special tool that they have. So Ash, Griff and I went down to Velocity, and they bent it back for me after working on it for about 15 minutes. After getting back, I just showered, finished off the last of my weetabix, then filmed a video. After breakfast, I went up to Bonny's room to roll, went to rimping to stock up on more essentials (cereal, soy milk, bananas, mangoes), ate the last of my oats, took a nap, then made the exciting discovery that Bonny and Em have ended their RAW CHALLENGE!!! haahah They decided they didn't want to do it any longer and to celebrate we're going to ANCHAN! So I've never been there before, and neither have the gals, but the guys have gone quite a bit, and they've hyped it up so much so I was so excited to try it! So I ordered Pad thai, miso eggplant, tom kha, rice, and mango sticky rice for dessert. and wtf EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING.

So the pad thai was legit the best pad thai I've ever had. It was sweet, peanutty, and not too creamy and there were veggies in there too AHHHH. And omg.... the tom kha... it was creamy, spicy, sweet and so fucking flavourful, and the mushrooms in it were the most juicy incredible things EVER. The eggplant was also just so flavourful and the texture just blew my mind. And lastly.... the mango sticky rice was just UGH too good. Like legit, this is now my new fav restaurant. The only thing is it's a tad pricier than the other restaurants that I usually go to, but you pay for quality and organic ingredients :D 

Bonny and Em were just so happy to be eating cooked food again, and they both loved it just as much as me if not more!!!!! Then around 6, we headed back because a few of us are doing a long ride tmrw and starting at 5, so we need our SLEEP! :) But on the way, poor darling Chelsea accidentally ran into a car, and scraped her knee. She was okay, just shaken up a bit, and embarassed. But like I told her, the amount of dumb stupid things I've done is just next level lol, so she really shouldn't feel even the slightest bit embarassed. I then came home, and tried the fruity corn flakes that I bought today. I'd never had them before so I was pretty stoked to try a new cereal. I had it with the SWEETEST papaya, mangoes, passion fruit, banana, sugar, and soy milk.