DAY 285

So today went a lil something like this.

My alarm went off at 4 am. I snoozed until 4:30, packed up my toiletries, laptop, and chargers. Made 2 cups dry oats since I knew I wouldn't be eating for awhile, called a cab, got dropped off at the airport, then ran into a bit of a pickle. When I checked in my bike they said I'd have to pay 75 dollars even though I already paid what I thought was the fee for my bike. I could have sworn I checked their website heaps of times and made sure that bikes were just the standard fee for checked bags as long as they didn't exceed a certain weight and size limit (which mine didn't). But I mean I'm sure the employee knew what they were talking about. But I guess because I looked so devastated and had started off so chipper and cheerful, the guys at the counter just let me off this time. Then I went through multiple checks, had to open up my bike box to let them poke around, and finally made it to my gate. Man flying to the states is more complicated than flying to Thailand I swear. I was so tired from my peasant amount of sleep (3hours) that I just dosed at the boarding gate seating area.

But right around when we should be boarding a voice came onto the loudspeaker and informed us we were being delayed. I was flying to Seattle first then from there to Denver, but in Seattle only one runway is in operation since the other ones under construction. And apparently that was resulting in a lot of air traffic and delays in Seattle so air traffic control held our flight in Vancouver for an extra 40 minutes. And normally that'd be totally fine, but I had a connecting flight that was only an hour after my first flight, so I was so fucking scared I'd miss my flight👊🏼 but after the short flight to Seattle, the terminal we landed in was literally not even a 5 minute walk to my gate for my flight for Denver so I made it there with time to spare. I just listened to podcasts, and tried to dose a bit. I snacked on some complimentary pretzels. When we landed I had two missions, to find some food, and to get some water. I was gonna google where to get vegan food, but my phone died, so I just wandered around the terminal I was in (Terminal C) and then stumbled across this bagel place called Einstein Bros Bagels. Thankfully they had some vegan bagels and I just had them toast them and add hummus, lettuce, and tomatoes to it, and made a lil bagel sandwich. I wish my phone had been alive so that I could have snapped it, cuz I was pretty proud of it. It was delicious, and I ended up grabbing one more since that first one was so amazing. Then I took the train to the baggage claim area, picked up my bike, then sat down to wait for my ride. So there aren't actually flights to Boulder since the airport is so small, so you have to find your own way from Denver to Boulder. I had a mutual friend with a vegan cyclist named Jackson who lives in Boulder, and I'd chatted with him heaps before coming just to get to know the place a bit and ask about weather, food etc... and he offered to pick me up which was so kind of him! But he finishes work at 6, so I had a few hours to kill which I didn't mind at all. I charged my phone, watched some videos, and eventually built up my bike cuz I thought, why the hell not, saves me having to do it later haha. Then I ate the 3 emergency cliff bars that I packed ( I had intended them to last the whole trip, oops) cuz I was getting hungry but way too lazy to move my body to find actual food ahhah. Around 7 he picked me up, and after loading all my crap into his dark red subaru car, we headed to BOULDER! On the drive over we got to see the most glorious view of driving towards the flat irons and the other breathtaking mountains that surround Boulder, and I was just gob smacked.

The sun was just setting as well and peeking through clouds, and the rays that peaked through just looked like the heavens were parting haha. I got to know Jackson so well in just that short hour long drive, and I already know we're gonna be great friends. He's kind, interesting, inspiring, motivated, and so open to new friendships and new experiences. PLUS he's vegan and rides bikes, so pretty much instant friendship ahha. He said that tomorrow he's gonna show me all around Boulder and I couldn't be more stoked, although I'm pretty pooped but I'm sure adrenaline will get me through it ahha. He told me all about his journey to cycling and veganism and it was so inspiring to hear his path and how far he's come. And when we drove into Boulder I instantly fell in love with it. It's quaint, beautiful, quiet, capped by mountains, oh and did I mention the weather??? ITS PERFECT, what summer should actually feel and look like. It was about 8 by then and still so pleasantly warm out. So we headed to the cutest Whole Foods just so I could grab some cereal for tomorrow morning, and I got my fav.. THE CRUNCHY CINNAMON SQUARES, as well as some fruit and soy milk. Then he dropped me off at my Air bnb place. When I got to my air bnb I met Jules, the host, and her entire family. They also had some friends over, and they were all so welcoming and lovely. So Jules has 3 daughters, I got to meet Sienna (7 yrs), Drew( 5 yrs), and Ebba- Drew's friend. And they instantly fell in love with me ahha, and the love was mutual. They were hugging me, and holding my hands, and even showed me a dance routine they choreographed ahaha.

And Jules showed me my room and private bathroom, and I even get my own little mini kitchen sort of. It's honestly just perfect, like a little home away from home, with the most loving sweet beautiful family. Also the girls wanted to try my cereal, so after I opened it up, I obviously had a few bowls, and we finished the box ahahah! OOPS :P

It's my first day (not even day, first few hours) in Boulder, and it has already captivated my heart. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings, but man I really gotta go to bed, I've been up since 4 and I'm getting delerious... NOT OKAY! ahahha, good night lovelies!