DAY 285

Yup, so I love Boulder. 

So I woke up this morning around 7, got ready for my ride, and met Jackson outside around 7:30. I was wierdly almost nervous to ride since I hadn't in a few weeks, but as soon as I clipped my feet in, and got peddling, I was just instantly so at peace. The weather was perfect for our morning ride too, so sunny, and so beautiful. So on the ride, Jackson acted as my Boulder tour guide. He's been living and riding here for 4 years so he pretty much knows EVERYTHING! He showed me around the city, we went to the uni campus, then we hit some hills. We went up a climb called Flagstaff which I just LOVED. It wasn't too long, and it was a nice gradient, but the best part was it was just switch back after switch back and each one just opened up to the most epic views of the flat irons. That entire ride, and I reckon my entire time here, my jaw just dropped when I caught glimpses of those incredible looming structures. I've seen big beautiful mountains before in my life, but these mountains were just so close to us, and so exposed. So much of the rock face was bare, and they just had such a different presence to them than the mountains in BC or in Thailand. We rode up to this amphitheatre which was so sick and the view point from there was incredible. But the best part about the ride was just chatting with Jackson. i learnt so much about his family, his past, and heard all about his aspirations. We also chatted in length about his podcast, our past with exercise addiction, and both just wanting to ride for the adventure and our love for it, rather than obsessing about watts and performance. I also realized on the ride, that I actually met Jackson in Chiang Mai!!! AHAH, it was at this hectic dinner at Taste From Heaven where literally like over 20 people were there, and I remember only being introduced to him briefly, then that was it. They sat at a different table, then left Chiang Mai pretty shortly after that. I had no idea this entire time, but when it clicked and I did it just blew my mind ahah. It's actually so cool how the universe works, and brings people together though. Like literally every decision I've ever made in my life no matter how minute they were led me to where I am right now typing this in Boulder. 

Anyways back to my ride, after flagstaff we hit up another short climb called NCAR, then did some more flats before calling it a day. I just had the best time, and it was amazing to be in a new place and exploring new roads. I'm so happy to be back riding again, and although that rest was good for me, it made me realize how much I love just moving and being out in nature cruising around on my bike. 

So after getting back, I chatted with the family I'm staying with a bit, gave them some hugs, then went down to shower, roll, stretch, and eat oats. Then I unpacked a bit, cleaned my room, and edited a video. After that I decided to eat my lunch outside, since the house I'm at has the most epic back yard. I just layed on the hammock for hours and dozed in the sun thinking thoughts about life, and becoming inspired to write.

And after that, I just got out my laptop and wrote for an hour straight and it felt amazing. I haven't really written in so long and I'm so glad I tookthe time today to nurture my love for self expression with words. Then I hung out with the family some more before heading to the shop. I skyped my mom when I got back while devouring my dinner of avo on toast with salsa and RICEEE!!! Then had some more cereal for dessert. NOM NOM