DAY 287

Another boulderful day here in Boulder ahha. The weather is just so perfect, sunny blue skies and warm like everyday. Anyways so today I just went on a super cruisy ride with ANNA. So Anna lives about a 30min drive from Boulder and she came down to meet me so we could ride together! It's so funny cuz Anna came to CM for the bike fest and I saw her all the time riding up Doi Suthep because she had the same bike as me, and was fast as fuck, haha, but I never actually met her. So it's so funny that I had to come to Boulder to actually get to meet her and hang out with her! We went up this STUNNING climb called Sunshine Canyon, and I was actually noticing the altitude affect me. I felt like the air was just so thin and I couldn't catch my breath which was such a new experience for me. The climb also had a few kms of dirt road but it was all good cuz we were just taking it slow and enjoying the views and our conversations. I heard all about her family and SEVEN siblings, her past and story, and her aspirations with cycling. So Anna is a legend, she's the fastest vegan girl up Doi Suthep right now and way fitter than me, but she's mostly just so inspiring with her mindset and belief in herself. She also races a ton, and was telling me about how much she loved it. Then we started talking about life and creation, and all that jazz and it just reminded me of how bloody incredible this world is.

Like how fucking cool is LIFE? How magical and awesome are our bodies, and this planet and how it all just works in symbiosis and harmony. Like fuck. Anyways, after the wonderful ride, I went home to have some oats, shower, then hung out with the girls at the house. The oldest daughter and second oldest daughter got into a little fight, and it was so wonderful to see Jules their mom talking and interacting with them. She's so patient and gentle and just such a good mother haha. Then she made me up some pinto beans and I just had that with rice and salsa. NOM. I spent awhile helping the girls with some of their school workbooks, doing cross words and stuff and it was actually so fun. And pretty much after that, Jackson came over and we filmed an interview together which is gonna be so rad. We talked about such amazing topics and it just flowed so well, I'm so siked to put it up! THEN...because we were being productive AF haha, We rode over to Jackson's place which was just like 5 mins away and recorded a podcast and man that was epic. It's my first time being a guest on a podcast and I just LOVED it. It makes me want to start my own, and I just loved all the questions he asked.

It made me learn so much more about myself, and challenged me to articulate so much of how I felt into words. I'm so excited to share it with everyone when it comes out. After that, he cleaned my chain, just to kill time before we met some of his friends for PIZZAAAA. So the place we went for pizza was the most random place ever, it's called Sun Deli and is both a liquor store and restaurant hah. It's the like most chilled out restaurant and I swear every employee was high on weed hahah. But they had soooo many vegan options. We ordered 2 large pizzas, one was a bbq sausage pizza with double vegan cheese, and the other was a pesto almond ricotta pizza. When the pizza got here, we actually took it to a park to eat, and it was the best dinner view ever. Basically just eating on the grass staring at the mountains... epic. And omg the pizza was the most delicious pizza I think I've ever had. the BBQ pizza was sweet and tangy and spicy, while the pesto one was just so creamy and topped with the best toppings (artichoke, peppers, spinach)

I just loved that the pieces were so large too, and that the base was so deliciously seasoned. AHH. And after we all had our fill, we just sat in the park and chatted till it got too chilly. I came home, had some crackers with jam, then headed to bed around 10 after doing some editing. :)