DAY 288

Was today a dream? I honestly don't even know it was just so incredible. So without any preamble, lets get right into it.

Jackson, Anna and I decided to go on a long ride into the heart of the mountains and it was just the most stunning ride of my life. Jackson was our tour guid/route planner the entire ride, and he did a STELLAR job. So we met at the foot of a climb called lee hill, and basically immediately just started climbing. It was a bout 5 kms, and it was beautiful. I was already so amazed, but man it was nothing compared to the rest of the ride. So we then went along lefthand canyon, and to the left of us were looming pine trees as far as the eye could see, and to the right was a very Lord of The Rings like bubbling creek. There were barely any cars on the road so it was just the sound of our voices and the creek calling to us. The weather was cool at this point, which was perfect since we were climbing. We eventually got to this RANDOM lil ghost town called Ward, where we filled our bottles with the clearest tastiest fresh spring water straight from the mountains, then explored the weirdest general store ahah. It had everything from fishing equipment to diapers and just cracked me up.

The town maybe had like 20 houses total ahah, and was just littered with all these old rusty beaten up cars that looked like something out of the movie Cars.

But man by that point I was already feeling the altitude. It's a weird feeling to feel relatively fresh physically, but to be struggling to breathe. Boulder is quite literally taking my breath away ahahha. After leaving Ward, we entered onto the most incredible road called peak to peak. It was just recently paved so it was smooth as tahini, but also just opened up to a 360 degree view of ALL the mountains that just surrounded us. It was seriously jaw droppingly beautiful. I just couldn't believe my eyes. It was just endless expanses of looming majestic mountains, evergreen trees, and blue skies. The air was so crisp and fresh up there, the birds were chirping away, and there were the cutest little pine tree seedlings that were just starting to grow. I was just feeling so grateful on that road for this experience, but also for Anna and Jackson for making my experience here so incredible. They could have easily gone WAY faster, but they both slowed down so they could ride with me and I appreciated that more than they knew. Anyways, by then I was already just so ridiculously blown away, but it was about to get even better. So eventually we arrived at Brainard Lake, which is an Alpine Lake in the heart of the mountains, and I just can't even do it justice.

The water was sparkling indigo, but the bits by the shore were almost tinted violet because of the rocks underneath. I think I've recently realized, that as well as my love for mountains, I'm much more of a Lake person than an Ocean person. I love the ocean, it's beauty, its temperament, and its wide expansive nature, but that can also be intimidating to me. But a Lake is inviting. A lake is serene and open, and to me it's just as beautiful if not more. I'm also beginning to realize that all mountains have different personalities. Some (like the ones we rode today) are majestic, and looming. They're ones that don't need to announce their presence what soever, you can just feel the presence of their magnanimous soul miles away. I picture them as the great grandfathers of mountains, wise, steady, and full of stories. And I hear their voice booming in my ears loud,  and deep, but not raspy rather smooth like velvet and kind. Definitely kind. Other mountains are mysterious (like the ones I rode in Thailand), they whisper strange and curious truths to you, they have an aura of magic and mystique about them that tickles my curiosity. They don't necessarily smack you in the face with their presence, instead they almost gracefully enter your vision, and greet your wary soul with inspiration and wonder. I picture them as a younger whimsical soul, someone who has a twinkle in their eye, and a secret in their throat. I see them swirling, dancing, singing around a fire. I hear their voice lilting with a melody drawing you in, eager to captivate you and show you their beauty. I can't say which one I love more, I mean it's like choosing between peanut butter or jam. What is one without the other? For they compliment each other and provide different tastes and textures. At the end of the day, all I know is I love mountains.

I think I'm done with boys, and just going to marry a mountain tbh.

ahahah, but anyways, THEN after brainard lake we embarked on the most beautiful long smooth descent of my LIFE. like seriously guys, I was like shouting out loud to no one, it was so stunning.

So the first half of it brought us down to another random ass lil town called Raymond (everybody loves Raymond haha) But this time I could totally see myself spending a month here just to get away from the city life. It's just in the middle of nowhere but surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and the bubbling creek, which we were reunited with ahah. There were a few incredible houses that were right on the creek. Maybe one of them is on air bnb? lol. The second half of the descent was the best views of the ride I think. So first it was us descending, beside the creek, and a looming orangey red rock face.

Then we entered this stretch where the rock faces were on both sides and surrounded us. I felt like I was in a movie or something it was so epic. Then the road shot us out into terrain that reminded me of a dessert. We were surrounded by these rock faces that were red tinged and tiered. Idk how to explain it besides that it made me feel like we were in Arizona. And finally after the end of that descent, we just road for an hour and a bit on flats and rolling hills till we were back in Boulder. Our ride was only about 100 kms, but it was one of the toughest I've been on simply because of the altitude, but it was also one of if not the most beautiful rides of my life. From there we road into the heart of Boulder to suss out the farmers market, and to dip our feet into the creek that ran through the city.

I saw so many people carrying tubes, and Jackson told me that heaps of people tube down the creek, they even had a Tube to Work day, a few days back. LOL, that's just #soboulder. 

Anyways, by then it was about 2, so we all went home, I showered, stretched, ate a fuck ton of oatmeal with bluebs and maple syrup. foam rolled, facetimed my mom and griff.

Then I went over to Jacksons, where we headed to Lucky's a local grocer to get dinner supplies (bok choy, tofu and SAUCE) and I bought heaps of fruit, and CEREAL obvs. I had one of the apricots I bought and they were the sweetest juiciest apricots of my life. Like actually not just edible but so delicious (I usually hate apricots).

Then we cooked up brocc, bok choy, tofu in a herby spicy stir fry. Had it with jasmine rice, avo, and SAUCEEEEE.

I had a few helpings, then ate the rest of my apricots, grapes, and had the most epic cereal when I got home. During dinner, Jackson and I had the best convos about mindset, communication, relationships, and more. I just love connecting with people that I feel like I can just talk for hours with about anything. Then we looked through old photos and laughed at how goofy he used to be as a kid. And like I said, after I came home, had way too many bowls of cereal (it was just so tasty), and now I'm just ready to pass the fuck out haah.

I was just exhausted from all the epic excitement and adventure from today.