DAY 289

So today was just a very very lazy day. I woke up around 8, layed in bed till 9, then oatmeal got me out of bed ahaah. I just spent the day lazing around, editing, playing with the girls, and making banana ice cream. I made some for the girls too, and they loved it ahah. I just basically spent the day with the fam, in the sun, editing and just chilling. Then around 3, I went for a Whole Foods shopping haul (aka cereal haul) with a new friend named Grace. And while I was there I obviously had to try the infamous Beyond Burger. So basically Beyond Meat is a company that creates scientifically lab manufactured fake meat products, and I first heard about them from the Rich Roll podcast and have been wanting to try their stuff for ages. And it just so happens that Boulder's Whole Foods is the first one to have an actual burger bar where they make a burger for you! SOOOO I TRIED IT AND IT WAS FUCKED. Like so realistic it actually wierded me out a tad. But it was definitely so tasty.

The cheese was all melted and so realistic as well. Man, you can do cool things with plants eh? ahha, anyways, after we finished our burgers, we both bought some cereal, and I bought another new variety I've never tried, and also got Vanilla Quinoa milk! Wierd eh? But soooo cool! And since we were in the hood, I also headed over to Trader joes and got some fruit. After that, Grace and I just chatted for ages about her plans, and travelling, and just got to know each other, and she is such a lovely kind girl. But I had to be back early for dinner with my host family, so she dropped me off. Then I just spent the evening laughing, playing, and dining with the fam. They aren't vegan but they're so supportive of it, and they've actually been to a few of the veg restaurants in town. We had rice, beans, salsa, guac, and made little burritos out of them which was delish. Man, I just feel so at home here with them, and it's such a rare thing to be able to find that while travelling, so I'm definitely so grateful for their kindness and for welcoming me into their home. I'm so glad I decided to stay here, I literally just chose it on air bnb because it was a good price, and because the picture on the website showed that their kitchen had a blender ahah. After I kind of just chilled out, edited, and of course cracked open the cereal, and it was pretty tasty, not my fav ever, but the quinoa milk was next level! And now it's 9 and I'm off to bed for an early night. So full, and so happy eheh.