DAY 290

So today was a day to remember. Not because I did any crazy fantastical thing, but because I felt alive. 

Sometimes I struggle a little and a lot as do we all, and sometimes I lose sight of how far I've come, sometimes I forget to be kind, to be patient and to be loving to myself. Sometimes I forget what life's truly all about. Loving and being loved, laughing, hugging, having picnics, eating marshmallows and hummus, helping others, creating, living your passion, and being happy. Sometimes I forget to stop and smell the roses. But today I acknowledged that and came to peace with it. Today was a beautiful reminder. I need these days once in awhile to help me reassess my mind and where I'm at. And now after the day of thought and refelctions, I know that 'm not perfect, I'm not always happy, I'm not always positive, I don't always love myself but I am always STEPH I'm always me and because of that I'm always special and So are you. And I just need to remember that and you do too. 

Today I am special, today I am me, and today I am happy. 


There are so many ppl in my life who I truly love the kind of love that I just want inexplicable irrevocable love and joy for them always. And today I'm sending all the loving vibes this heart of mine can muster, and I'm buying them all direct flights all over the globe to reach and surround those special people. I hope they feel it, because I sure feel their love even from a million miles away. (I'm in AMERICA so pardon my use of miles :P)


So today. I went for a stunning ride with my friend Jackson. Ate a choc chip cookie he got me. Called my mom. took a nap. did crosswords with the girls. wrote in my journal. had copious amounts of peanut butter and jam oat bars. went for a dinner picnic with a new and wonderful friend named Kiana. She met me at my place with a picnic of amazing vegan yummies which we shared at a park by my place.

So we feasted on the best hummus with berries, watermelon, raw date balls, so much avocado sushi, rice paper rolls with the best peanut satay sauce, AND.... MORE CHOC CHIP COOKIES AND ICE CREAM SANDWICHES WHICH WERE JSUT THE BEST THING EVER OMG. LIKE I DIED. THEY TASTED EXACTLY THE SAME AS I REMEMBERED IT AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE. BUT oh man, it was just the most lovely evening. It was a summer evening, blue skies, white clouds and so warm. And I honestly just fell in love with this gal, she was just so kind, so sweet, and we had so much fun together just taking goofy photos, chatting, laughing, and trying wierd food combos (my fav was hummus, peanut satay sauce with strawberries ahah).




But just as we were feasting on our desserts of ice cream and cookies, it started POURING AND THUNDERING OUT OF NOWHERE.

And at first we stayed under our tree just because we thought it would just go away. But it didn't, it just got worse and worse, and eventually we ran under an actual cover and laughed over how windy and wet we got. I huddled there with her eating my cookie and chatting with a mom and daughter who were also hiding there. So the daughter had gone out to play pokemon go, lol, and so her mom came out to find her, and we had a laugh over pokemon go together ahah. Then eventually Kiana and I both went and just danced around under the rain because we thought, why not ahah. We just both loved the weather and felt so alive in it. But truly, this kind of weather is what I live for, and those experiences of laughing uncontrollably while getting soaked are just what put life into perspective. They make you realize that, THOSE moments, are what lifes about, not worrying about petty worries that don't actually matter. Then after the rain died down, we walked back to my place, just laughing and eating more cookies, and she went back to Denver, and I ran into the house and ate guac and chips with the girls, danced around with them, then had some of the sweet potatoes that Jules cooked up.

She's just the best. Then I just spent hours sitting up there hearing her and Scott (her husband) talk about their travels when they were younger. Man they've been all over and have had the most amazing experiences and stories, so they really appreciated what I was doing and totally understood it. I just felt so happy and loved there with them. Then around 10, I said goodnight, gave the girls kisses, had 2 more cookies, then edited the night away until around 11.