DAY 291

Today I started my day with the most incredible hike. It was a short lil 2 hour beautiful hike, but that isn't why it was incredible. It was incredible because of the people I shared it with, and the conversations we had. So I went with Jackson, and his friend Leah, and the second I saw her I knew I'd love her. She had such a warm smile and just came into the car like a fairy full of warmth and happiness. As we hiked, we began to share more and more of our stories, our thoughts, and our struggles.

We talked at length about balance, and the multifaceted importance of it to our happiness and health. We talked about the fact that balance is different for everyone, and even different for each individual at different times in their life. Leah shared her favorite explanation of balance from the Taoist perspective, how it's like crossing a pond by hopping from rock to rock. Each individual jump requires a different balance from the previous rock. And as we have to shift our balance to suit our environment as pertaining to the rock, so must we do so in our own lives. We talked about how mood follows action, and how incredible we find conversations like this. Then as the hike was drawing to a close we were discussing books to read, and I mentioned that they should both read The Name of The Wind, and lo and behold... JACKSON'S READ IT! We both flipped out when we realized we'd both read it. Idk for me at least, whenever I stumble across another being who's read that book, it's like we just have an immediate bond, and so in that moment of shock and hilarious disbelief, our friendship just multiplied by like 2000000% ahaha. Leah was laughing at our reaction and said she'd definitely give it a go since we reacted so overwhelmingly to it hah. And then I mentioned that my favorite quote from that book is: β€œIt's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.” 

And from that we started talking about how we all tell stories, and depending on how we write it, the time, care, and energy that we put into our story, can determine how our stories unfold. If we tell a story crafted with eloquence, beauty and wonder. If we use vocabulary that insights joy and laughter and an ethyrical romance, than that's what ourstory will have, and that's what our life will be. This is why I love writing, creating videos, and talking to people so much. It's all a form of story telling, and I'm nothing if I'm not a sucker for a good story, and a love of telling a good story.

So after that soul enriching hike, I came home and ate the last of my oats, and a few hours after had 4 cliff bars (can you tell I ran out of food), all while editing a video I've been working on for awhile. I also released my new ebook which was super exciting! ehe. 

Then after a coaching call, I met Jackson at Trader Joes where I bought lotsa groceries including more cereal, vegan marshmallows, and food for our mukbang vid tonight. We then went home made up a mexican feast of rice, beans, salsa, guac, veggies, and had it with corn tortillas, nutritional yeast, and HOT SAUCE. We filmed the mukbang while answering questions I'd gotten on Instagram, and it went super well. Oh we also had date banana ice cream for dessert and I topped mine with the cereal I bought. YUMMM After cleaning up and letting my food settle a bit, I then walked home in a sprinkling light refreshing shower while snacking on my cereal, came home and made some marshmallow-ey cereal, died of deliciousness, wrote my blog, then went to bed around 11.