DAY 293

Another hot hot day here in Boulder. So Jackson and I went on a nice lil 50 km ride here in Boulder. We hit up a few climbs and my fav was Magnolia Drive. On the descent it was just such an open crazy view of the mountain ranges, and I was just loving it. A random moment during the ride that made me laugh my ass off, was when we were just cruising along the side of the road, and a car passes us with a bloodhound in it, and its bark was literally identical to a seals. And it just at first shocked us, then made us crack up haha. And every climb we did, we just had the most incredible conversations about ego, passions, motivation, goal setting, etc. Then I came back, rolled while watching Finding Nemo with one of the girls, and ate my oats with a PB&J trader joes bar on top eheh. I then went grocery shopping with the fam, and we had a vegan daiya frozen pizza for lunch. I had one to myself ahahah, and they all watched with amazement. Then for dinner I had a whole heap of rice noodles with veg, avo, and other goodies, before snacking on animal crackers while watching The Lion King. And for dessert we all had some vegan ice cream sandwiches. YAY. But I was still hungry, so before bed I had about 10 medjool dates stuffed with hazlenuts. My new addiction. NOM. PS had no cereal today... withdrawals, it's deffs happening tmrw.