DAY 294

Today was a hilarious day, I spent most of it in whole foods ahah. First I went there for COOKIES, hummus, avo, bread, jam, cliff bars, mayo and other goodies (all vegan obvs), second I went to visit my friend Kelsey who works there. But most importantly I went there to try to become inspired to write. I've had so much bottled up emotions to express and I just really felt like I needed to get it out on paper. And I feel like writing with paper and pen, is always much more grounding and satisfying to me than typing it out. So I just sat at the cafe area eating my gingersnap cookies and trying to write. But eventually a lovely couple came down and sat beside me, and I just started talking to them. Their names were Kristen and Russell, and they're from Santa Fey New Mexico, and it turns out that they're actually both road cyclists as well, and Russell was Vegetarian! How cool is that? I ended up chatting with them for hours, and eventually told them so much of my story, and got to hear all about where they've travelled before in the past. He's been all over Asia (including Bhutan which is on my list), Europe, South America, Africa, and honestly just all over the world. Then Kristen and I also had the most beautiful chat about meaning, and finding meaning in life. Striking up convos with random people is actually one of my favorite hobbies. I just love connecting with people, and I find that everyone, no matter how young or old has something to teach you, and something to offer. So after that soul enriching chat, I began journalling while accidentally eating all the groceries I had bought for tomorrow haah, and an hour later. I'd felt like I'd released enough creative juice to tide me over. So I hurried home since I was having dinner with the family I'm staying with again, made a ton of avo on toast with sriracha. Then had lots of their Basamati rice with an Indian curry they ordered for me (how sweet). It was the oiliest thing ever haha but I just ate it up, because 1, they went to the beautiful effort of ordering it for me, and 2, YOLO. ahaha. Then I had my usual bowl of cereal, and a few cookies for dessert.

hehe. I'm just majorly on this cookie craze at the moment, and just so obsessed :p.