DAY 296

So today was definitely one of the best days ever, solely because I got to meet and hear Dr. Gregor present. AH. Okay so here's how my day went.

After getting up around 8, doing some light yoga, and sitting out in the sun, I ate the overnight oats I made last night, then got changed to head to... COLORADO VEG FEST! So it's not in Boulder, but a city called Golden about an hours drive away, so my friend Jackson picked me up around 11, and we drove around collecting all our fellow passengers (Adam, Leah, and Kelly) until we were a full house, and off we drove to Golden. On the drive over Leah and I had just honestly mind blowing perspective changing life altering conversations. First we discussed where our (generally speaking) desire to be thin stems from, and at the root, we feel its from a lack of feeling worth, feeling seen, and truly feeling heard. And so to combat that, many girls in our society decide that to be seen and be heard and be worthy, they must look appealing to others, generally the opposite sex, and how do they do that? Well they follow what mainstream media idolizes as beautiful (Victoria secret model physique). But the best part of the conversation was when we switched focus onto our upbringing and relationships with our fathers. Leah's take on how she's treating her father and why, was SO inspiring to me. So I'm at a place now where I do NOT resent my father whatsoever and have forgiven him for all the past hurts and supposed wrongs he's imposed on me, and mostly because I realize he's a flawed human being who's privy to mistakes just like us all, and also because I realized that holding onto that negativity was doing a disservice to myself as well. But Leah was also saying that, first of all if we were to theoretically put blame on our fathers for some of the negative experiences in our lives that we feel they may have catalyzed, we must also "blame" them for all the positive they've done as well. And I look at my life, yea he definitley never showed me love, and I could hypothesize that, the root of my ED stemmed from that, but he also instilled a work ethic, an independent spirit, and a resourcefulness in me that I benefit from everyday. BUT what hit home most of all, was when she said that, she realized that her father didn't feel loved by those in his life, and most likely didn't know how to show love, and so in return, she decided she had to be the one to teach him how to love and what love feels like. Because, in her words: How can I be a loving person who loves all people and beings when I don't love him. I can't be selective in those that I love. 

Those words struck a chord in me, a deep hidden away one, that I think I knew inherently but didn't want to actually consider and examine because then I knew that the right thing to do is to attempt exactly what Leah's doing. She also said, she thought about if her father were to die today, would she be happy with where their relationship was left, and when I project that onto my life, I realize that I definitely wouldn't be. So I'm definitely going to work on learning to love my father again.

So after that incredibly insightful car ride... WE ARRIVED! And basically, I dont know about everyone else, but I just came to meet Dr. Gregor. I'm such a huge fan of his work, and just love geeking out to all his videos. We looked around the food vendors outside for a bit (THERE WAS A CEREAL FOOD TRUCK HOW COOL IS THAT), then headed into the venue where I tried the best cheese sauces, hot dogs, and saw some of the most creative vegan apparel ever!

About 20 minutes before Gregors talk, we headed into the speaking area, but oh man the seats were already ALL packed, so we ended up sitting on the ground in the front (ended up being the best seats in the house ehhe), then just eagerly awaited his appearance! When he walked in we all started cheering and standing up, and it was just such a welcoming reception. It's so funny because to me, he is definitely someone that inspires me incredibly, and I view him as one of my heros. The level that I just admire him is like on par with a girl my age going google-yy eyed over like Justin Bieber haha. But if they were both in a room together, I'd go right up to Biebs and ask him if he could take a photo of Gregor and I ahah. Who gives a fuck about Bieber when one of the plantbased docs are in the house :P

Anyways, before the talk I was kind skeptical of what I would gain from it since I've already watched most of his videos, and obviously already eat a plantbased diet. BUT OH BOY, I learnt SO much, it's still all just boggling around in my brain trying to be digested. He just knows SO much, and was also so hilarious. The way he talks is exactly the same as in his videos and he's just such a goofy, sweet, kind, INTELLIGENT person. And even though I've watched heaps of his videos, it was so different to hear it in person since he's such a powerful and incredible presenter. I feel so inspired to eat more beans ahha, he just loves his legumes :P

So after his incredible talk, we got in a line to meet him. And we were wondering why the line was going so slow since he was basically jsut signing peoples copies of his new book (How Not to Die), and taking selfies with people, but after my friend got hers signed, we realized it's because in each persons, he wrote a personal message, then followed it with "if you or your family ever need any help, send me an email at _____ or a message at _______. Like wtf, he is just the kindest most giving soul. And when I met him he was full of smiles and so much wonderful energy. He just gives and gives and gives, to people, to this world and is just so incredibly inspiring to me to be more of service. His life is truly a perfect representation of someone living a life devoted to service. Man, what a legend.

After the talk, most of my friends were going to Denver to have dinner, but I had to race back home to skype a client :( And Anna was gonna just have dinner with her family so we drove to a grocery store, picked up some essentials (I got lots of berries, beans, greens, and CEREAL ahha), then she dropped me home. Anna is another person who I've met here in Boulder who just makes me smile. She's just one of the most pure, humble, and quietly beautiful people I've encountered. 

Anyways, because I was running low on time, I literally just had some PB&J sandwiches, then ate an entire box of cereal for dinner before my coaching call. See cereal is the perfect backup snack, meal whatever. 

And after my coaching call, I snacked on some greens since I was inspired by the talk, then started trying to learn a new piano song.... it's not going well, but it's like my fav song ever. I first heard it when my friend Griff played it in Adelaide, and I've been obsessed ever since, I mean it's probably a tad too advanced for me (by a tad I mean a LOT), but oh well haha.