DAY 297

So I met up with Jackson around 7 and we just headed out for a super cruise 20 km ride. But it was so wonderful, the sun was out, and we chatted some real talk that was so intriguing. Then I came home, had some more oats, showered, stretched then played piano for ages! I got so lost in it, and realized it was 1, I hadn't had lunch, and still had to run to the store for dinner. So I just heated up the other frozen Daiya cheese pizza I had, gobbled that up then headed to whole foods to get ingredients for my dinner with Anna! But because her work was running late, and my family really wanted to skype me tonight, we just decided to reschedule, and I ended up cooking up a whole foods feast for myself :) I made lots of wild rice with veggies, corn, beans, and other goodies. Then ate an entire packet of coconut date rolls. That stuff is my crack cocaine I swear.