DAY 298

Today was the perfect chilled day. I woke up around 9, had some oats with almond butter, then walked to the Fed ex to print some sheet music for the piano song I'm trying to learn, and on the way home I ran into Whole Foods. I bought some fruit, found a new cereal to try, and bought some more of my fav vanilla macadamia milk. And since I was there I had to get some WF cookies, so I got 2 choc chip and one tahini cookie. I sat down in the cafeteria area, And as I set in to dig into my cookies, someone came up to me because she recognized my from Youtube, and it's my eternal regret that I didn't ask her her name, because we ended up chatting for over an hour. She was in the process of recovering from an ED, and I sat down with her and told her everything about my journey and gave her some tips on recovering, and what helped me. We talked so long, it became lunch time, so we went to the hot food bar and perused the options. I asked her if she'd ever had any of these foods before and what her favorite was, and she replied that she'd never had anything but the salads or sushi because she was always scared of the other foods. She's still in the process of overcoming certain fear foods, and so together we tried some vegan pizza from the pizza bar. I got 2 slices of the veggie pizza with daiya cheese, then was still hungry so I got a burrito. It was a very expensive lunch... EEP, but the gratitude that my new friend had for eating and spending lunch with her was more than worth it. When I got back, it was around 2, and I spent a few hours practicing piano, then had a pre dinner snack of a huge bowl of the new cereal I bought.

I'm in love it tastes amazing. Kinda like froot loops eheh. Then I made these race cake sandwiches and filled them with smashed avo, rice, beans and sriracha.

I stuffed myself with these beany carby creamy sandwiches before finishing off that box of cereal for dessert.