DAY 299

Woke up in the best way possible, by going on a beautiful 30 minute trail run with Jackson. we ran in the early morning glow and the mountains had this incredible rose coloured tint, it was just beautiful. I dont know what it is, but the feeling and sound of running on trails is just so gratifying to me, it energizes me so much more than running on cement. On the run, we bumped into this triathalon running group, and Jackson spotted one of his friends Ben. We ran with him for awhile and I just peppered him with questions haha.

He's such an interesting fellow, and also VEGAN woot. After the run, I stretched, showered, and had some banana ice cream for breaky.

Then I practiced piano and just got carried away with it, until I realized I had to meet my friend for lunch. Shes a family friend and not vegan so I just thought we could go to Whole Foods since its quick, adaptable to all diets, and super close to where she works and to me. I had a vegan burrito with beans, brown rice, salsa, extra guac, and some veggies. Twas pretty tasty, but naturally I was still a bit peckish, so I polished it off with a packet of hummus and pita bread. Then I said goodbye to her, and I perused Whole Foods and picked up some grapes, nori, veggies, butternut squash, and date coconut rolls. I sat outside to snack on my grapes and use their wifi, and while doing so I overheard two guys chatting quite passionately about the election. I asked them, if they were talking about the election (even though I knew they were), and asked if they would educate me on the current political situation in this great nation of theirs haah. They jumped on the chance to give me a full run down and talk more about a topic that they were both very educated and interested in. I learnt so much about how the american political system works in general, and left the conversation feeling slightly pessimistic about their political future. I had no idea racism was so much more prominent in certain areas of the state, no idea how much of a wack job trump truly is, no idea how fucked the votingsystem is, and no idea we had it so good over in Canada with Trudeau haha. After talking for about an hour about politics, we just started chatting about life, and they're actually such interesting people. One was a law student who was adopted at birth from China, and the other is an entrepreneur for a start up software company. And after sitting there for almost 2 hours, I finally left, for home called my brothers to ask them about their LA plan (we're gonna be there at the same time, HOORAY!) and then started on some dinner. I ended up making these seaweed tacos with butternutsquash mash, veggies, relish, sriracha, AVOCADO, and some herbs.

It's a wierd combo I know but man it was delicious. Then I finished off the pack of coconut date rolls for dessert, while catching up on youtube videos from this week. And after calling my mom, I went to bed early around 9 :)