DAY 301

Went for an awesome short lil hike with Kelsey and Jackson today, man I just love nature it's just so COOL ahah (wow such an extensive vocab eh?)

lol anyways the hike ended with us all talking about food since they were both super hungry (but I was a smart cookie and ate oats before haha), so Kelsey and I ended up walking to Whole Foods after and getting some essentials - cereal. Then I came home and just did errands for hours, while snacking on grapes, bread and hummus, and dates. I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and started a tiny bit of packing. And I feel very accomplished :) Then Jackson picked me up and we hit up a bike store so I could grab a new bike box for my flight on sunday. My old one has been through 5 flights with me and it's a tad banged up so I needed a new one. THEN the bike shop had these maple syrup gels that I've been wanting to try for AGES, so I just HAD to get one ahha.

And then I came home, made some dinner while watching videos from my new fav youtuber: Sid Garza-Hillman (search him up he's seriously incredible), and of course another Gilmore Girls episode eehe.